Friday, August 10, 2012

Missions Trip: Day #3

Day 3 we woke up with grand ideas of spending the morning at the lake... but, we started the day with choir practice and it lasted quite a while. So instead, we killed time wandering around the zocalo until it was time for church.
Choir practice was hilarious... With most of the choir not actually speaking Spanish it made for some preeeetty funny language errors... :)))

Friday was also Day 1 of our annual summer conference!
That first night service was amazing from start to finish. You could feel God's presence so strongly. 

Bro. Afonso testifying

The choir did an awesome job!

And Sis. Clark did an awesome job leading :)

Anointed singing.

Worship service

Song service started, and the people began to pray...

...and pray...

...and pray!

It's such a wonderful thing, seeing people hungry and reaching out to God.

I love my Aunt Debbie

After prayer and song service Bro. Pedro preached!

The people responded so well to the message.

We're so thankful for the group from California-- they were such a blessing in the altars, praying with the people!

We were packed out!

Austin and Bro. PJ

Some of the girls in the hotel, after church...
Meagan, Sofia, Emily, Rachel, Brittany, Karoline, and Brianna

Britt and Noah
Never a dull moment with these two! ;P

And where did we end up for a late night dinner?
Taqueria Los Angeles, of course!
Mmm... I don't know about the rest of the group, but I could never get tired of this place. :))
^^If you know me well, then you know I have an enourmous appetite ;) ;)^^
Ha.ha. :))

Missions Trip: Day #4, coming tomorrow!



Jennifer Connell said...

I absolutely LOVE seeing all those people in the altar! So exciting!! One of these days I'm coming to Mexico!

Anonymous said...

I hope those tortillas were gluten free!! :P

Rachel Elizabeth said...

Thank you girls for giving our young people such a great time!:) This was seriously the best missions was hard to leave. You have a beautiful church and church family. You guys have been in my thoughts and prayers since I've been back. I miss you all like crazy! Love you bunches!:)

Natalia said...

Nicole!! You are mean! I am so ugly. and in this picture I look horrible!!!! Oh my!!! hmmm... :( LOL

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