Thursday, August 9, 2012

Missions Trip: Day #2

Thursday morning, we woke up bright and early and headed to Cholula to see the church on top of the pyramid. The young people headed off in the bus and the priviledged few who rode in our van took the "scenic route". That meant a stop at Starbucks!

Sis. Mom and Beth

We made it to the top of the mountain through much laborious huffing and puffing.
We found out that day how out of shape we were...
Sofia and Britt
^^and Nicole in Sofia's sunglasses!^^

Some of the girls :)

Nancy, Brianna, and Candice! Sweet girls!

The view from the church on top the pyramid

Day 2: Initiation into missionaryhood

Everyone but the extremely wimpy (jk) tried a chilified grasshopper

Miss Meagan is quite the crazy adventurous girl!

EVEN Brittany tried one! (She almost puked though)

Some people went a little overboard...I'd say Jacob qualifies as THREE missionaries!

As you can see, everyone was quite impressed.

Aunt Debbie eating a grasshopper...

The selection of grasshoppers (you can choose out of several kinds: malnourished, healthy, or obese grasshopper. Crunchy, smooth, or juicy. Original or Crispy? They are all Finger Lickin' good!! Betcha can't eat just one! I'm lovin' it!)

Aunt Debbie and Brittany

The market at the pyramid

Beth and Britt!

At the base of the pyramid these guys were doing something called
"The Ritual Ceremony of the Voladores"

The crowd watching in amazement

Slowly spinning down...

This guy was giving everyone the remedies to all of life's diseases...
Just throw a potato, pineapple, and a banana in the blender-- yes! the whole banana- don't take of the peel!-- and you will be a changed person! Gone with your gastritis! Gone with your cancer! Gone with your broken femur! Gone with that icecream headache! Gone gone gone! Going going gone!

Major props for this dude's hands free mic. LOL. Very creative.

Some more of the group!
Britt, Candice, Nicole, Jasmine, Jacob, Rachel, Sofia, and Emily

On the bus, ready to go to lunch!

Moe, Curly, and Shabang

Bobby and his treasures

The zocalo was swarming with bees. It was horrible. The locals got some good laughs at the tourist girls screaming bloody murder.

Wimpy, Sunburned, Crazy, & Mamaaa

Going through the line-up of food!

The cute little fruit platter
^^Yes, those are cherries!! Sooo good...^^

Karoline showing off her food!

All of us!

This is the family that had us over to their house for lunch.

After lunch, we headed back to the zocalo and hotel to stay up all night playing uno, cheating uno (so. funny.), spinning in the hallways, and all kinds of other things that are only funny when done in the early AM... Try them in the daylight and you will wonder what in the world was so funny the night before. :))
--But sadly, our camara battery died Thursday night :( So no pictures of the fun!

Coming Soon:

Missions Trip: Day #3
Conference Day #1!



Anali said...

Lol at the girls screaming bloody murder at the bees.
And why does Emily have a band-aid on her forehead?

Cherie said...

HI! I have a serious question. What in the world are those bees swarming over??!?! That is a food I'm positive I have never seen before. ;)

Wish I coulda came!!!!!!!!

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Anali- She had a run-in with the corner of a mounted metal TV brace :/ Evil things, those TVs lol.

Cherie- I have no idea... some type of pastry with what looks like caramel on top...? Never tried it before :) You can try it when you come down ;D


Kendra Thaler said...

HOW FUN!! I wish I could have come. I love Bethany's red skirt :) that color made me smile! LOL at the grasshoppers!! I could NEVER do that. Sis Clark said Sis White told her, "I did it for the young people" And Sis Clark said, "You must love your young people more than I do because I am NOT eating a grasshopper!" LOL!!! I share her sentiments :))

Ryan said...

Your guys site is inspiring so much! Thank you for doing the will of God - the pics you post of your work there in Puebla inspire those of us in the US! Sometimes we get swallowed up with the cares of our lives and forget, it's a much bigger world than where we are at. It's bigger than our church, our state, our country - God is everywhere seeking those who should be saved!

God bless and keep up the good work!

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