Thursday, August 23, 2012

New Chairs!

In these first 4 days of school we've noticed something that has been bothering us-- the chairs that the kids are using are too short and too big for them. We wanted to buy hydraulic computer chairs for each kid so that they could adjust it the proper height, but with the budget we're working with, there was no way we could do that-- in the stores here, the hydraulic computer chairs that we wanted are upwards of a hundred dollars!

Here are some pictures to illustrate the situation we were dealing with:
 The little ones can barely see their keyboards to type-- the chairs swallow them up!

Note: If your chin is touching the table as you write, you need a shorter table or a taller chair...

...the older ones are slouching horribly!

Bethany and I have also been sitting in the same chairs as the kids and at the end of the day we are ready for a trip to the masseuse! That may sound funny, but I am not kidding. 
5-6 hours of sitting in these chairs is a recipe for extreme pain.
(Even as I am typing this post while sitting in one of the dreaded plastic chairs, I keep catching myself reaching to massage my neck. LOL! Ouch.)

So how can I say that the above problem was what we were dealing with?
Today Bro. Dad was driving around town running errands and while driving he happened to look over to the side of the road, and what did he see???
Hydraulic computer chairs!
A quote from Bro. Dad on the occurence: "I almost had a heart attack!" :))
So of course, he whipped over to the side of the road to check out the chairs...
They were used, but in okay condition!
It turns out that an office had just remodeled their offices, so they were trying to sell a ton of these chairs.
 He asked the lady there how much the chairs were, and she told him 300 pesos each- (about 25 dollars). Bro. Dad said that we would want several and was there a discount for buying more than one? 
The lady thought about it for a while... and then said "Yes. You can have them for 150 pesos."
With our current exchange rate, that means we got each chair for 11 dollars! Wow!! Now, of course these chairs are not brand new and some may be dinged up a little, but we are so thankful to God for taking care of our need. They are perfect for us!
Just yesterday we had been discussing our desperate need for proper computer chairs and today Bro. Dad just happens to run across some on the side of the road! Thank you Jesus!

The boys went crazy when Bro. Dad dropped off the chairs after school during their P.E. class.
This was another "first" for them-- spinning, rolling chairs!
They immediately got into the chairs and began yelling and laughing and playing "carritos"-- bumper cars!

They got a little too into crashing them into each other...

And the hilarity came to a screeching halt when two of the chairs toppled over... The kids may have been having the time of their little lives on those chairs, but we were not ready to sacrifice our "new" chairs for the sake of them having a little fun. :))

We had each kid scoot his chair to the wall and told them play time with the chairs was over, and to continue with P.E. They all did as they were told and went back to playing basketball.

One of the last kids to push his chair to the wall was Eddy. He didn't notice as I watched as he went to leave his chair and what I saw him do next was so stinkin' cute--
He looked lovingly at his chair, and patted the seat as he said in his baby voice, "Adios", and then ran off to join the other boys in their game.
Ahhhh!!! So precious!
Here he is with his chair... :)
^^This is the first time that I have seen this little boy smile like this!^^
He is always so serious. It was so nice to see him laughing and smiling about his chair :)

Thank you Jesus for our new chairs!!


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Erica said...

We serve such a faithful God! This last picture really touched my heart. So sweet.

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