Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Missions Trip: Day #5

Sunday we had our first service out in the open in front of our market and the thousands of cars passing by!
We gave away candy, had a puppet show, people gave their testimonies, and sang our hearts out... Well, some of us sang our hearts out... but I'll get to explainin' that a little later! :))
The group from California did a puppet show about the story of Joseph!

So cute! :))

The kids (and parents!) loved it.

Narrator Gary!

We had a gooood group!
A nice mix of saints and visitors that dropped in off the streets.

Some of us walked around by the roads in front of our set-up and handed out flyers to the people passing by, inviting them to the second service in the evening.
We gave flyers to people walking by, zooming by on their bikes, and to people driving by in their cars!
Karoline and I definitely made some memories passing out flyers... We stood on a tope hoping to hand out flyers through car windows as they slowed down... Well. We thought they would slow down.... LOL. Few did, and many just didn't. But we sure did have fun shoving nicely tossing flyers into the car windows as they zoomed past!
(Hey, we were not rude. Just want to make that clear. Hahaa.)
 It was also really fun when bike riders would go past and want a flyer... they would teeter to a slow pace, going over the tope while steering with one hand... So entertaining! :))) 
And the puppet show continues...

Gary talking to Pharoah
I heard from various people that the puppet show was really fun!
...sadly though, I did not get to see the Joseph/Pharoah/plague show... and the singing part of our service... and the testimonies....
 And why?
Oh, you know, I was just circling the the colonia in the car with my dad looking for two lost souls from our group! We were actually quite worried. I won't name names because we already let them know that they scared the living daylights out of us. (Okay, not all the daylights. Just some of them.)
Bethany and Noah (*ehem*) had gone to make copies of coloring books for the kids.
They left right when we got to the market. That was at like... 11am.
They were still missing at 11:30am. And still hadn't shown up at 12pm.
My dad got worried and could not focus on what was going on while knowing that his precious (LOL) daughter was missing. So off we went to search for them!
We never found them. Dun dun duuuuunnnnn...

They showed up on their own after being gone for almost 3 hours. Hurrah.
Turns out that the copy machine at the business they went to had broken down and they had to fix it before making the 1100 copies! :D

Isai did all of the music!
He took it like a man.
 But he did let me know how he really felt about Beth and I not doing our part.
As we packed up the equipment all he told me was, "Que gachas!!!"
The definition of "gacha" is terrible... awful... annoying... :(((
The infamous copies being passed out!

We packed up and all headed to our church to have the second service!
We went upstairs into our house for a little break...

Aunt Debbie and Punkin'

Brittany and Beth
Aaand here we go with the evening service!

The choir :)

Elder Wakefield preached for us!

And look who showed up! Pakatelas!
Though he just could not quit talking during the preaching!

One of the puppets getting into the preaching :))

Another good showing of people!
^^We closed off our street and put up this really cool huge tent!^^

Pakatelas praying in the altar.

This is something that we have been looking forward to for a looong time!!
So exciting to finally see it happen!

More people praying.

The girls with some of our church kids

Sofia and Britt!
Can you believe that Sofia is 13?? She's so tall! :)

 Then the guys started seeing who could climb the poles holding up the tent! :))

Oh my, people got so into this!
There was so much screaming and cheering! :))

Another guy that made it to the top!

Bro. Dad climbed it too! :))

Austin, Andrew, Pakatelas, and Judah.

 Britt, Beth, Brianna, and Rachel...
...and Noah and Candace!
...Who made it in the pic wether they knew it or not :))

Then we all got onto the bus and went back to the hotel/downtown for our last night of hilarious and crazy fun!

We hung out in the zocalo for a while...
Here's a weird lady and Brittany.
This was hilarious. Who knows what she was supposed to be but she looked scary-ish and was holding a little box. (For donations maybe?) She had this very serious expression on her face.
--The part that wasn't covered up anyways...
Brittany decided to try to make her laugh! Ohhh myy hahahaa... Britt started off on this spur of the moment speech, talking 90 miles an hour. In English. And her spiel was about talking fast, and talking English... and having to use the restroom, among other things.... HAHA.
Slowly but surely the lady's expression changed from very serious, to smiling, and then to laughing! :)) She tried valiantly to keep her face straight, but she was no match for the hilarious motormouth, Brittany Walden. :)))

 Next stop!
Oxxo for energy drinks and then to sit down and eat!
Sushi and a Monster... Delish. Haha.

We finished our food, suffered from various effects of our drinks, hung out in the lobby, and then decided we needed a second round of drinks! :))
We had all purposed to stay up the entire night. No sleeping. At all. Not usually my cup of tea, but I did it!! And it was a blast! :D
Bethany's reaction: Calmness. (For some reason, she had a reverse reaction??)
Brittany's reaction: Got 10 times more hyper. :))
Noah's reaction: Just kept him normal for the rest of the night and morning.
My reaction: Hyperness. Twitching. And relentless burping. I broke records that night. :))) 
So disgusting and hilarious.

Murder is always a fun game... But even funner in the early hours of the morning!
Are you kidding me, everything is funnier at 3am/4am :))

Bobby Kolski.
Murder player extraordinaire.
Sunday night would not have been the same without him. :)))

Noah, Brittany, and Beth!
Sunday night was so fun and funny. We stayed up playing murder, doing the hokey pokey, heads up seven up, and then that crazy repeating game... Somebody brought Uno and Phase 10, which we put both to better use than just card playing! :)) Card throwing ! Some people were more apt at this than others...  :)) I thought I was going to end up with little cuts and red marks all over my face... and a cut cornea LOL...
We stayed downstairs doing crazy things and playing games until 6am and then headed up to our rooms to shower and come back downstairs for breakfast!

Technically this post already has some of "Missions Trip: Day #6" in it... but we'll just stop here and pick up with our Monday morning breakfast and more, tomorrow!



Meagan Rowell said...

You didn't get any crazy hair pics!?!?? LOL!!!!

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Meg- Noo :( Hopefully you did!

Veronica said...

YAY Nicole!!!! You're no longer in "grandma" status!! Congrats for staying up ALL night long!! Woot Woot! Wish I was in Mexico with you all! Love you girls <3 <3

Meagan Rowell said...

I did! I will post soon. Unfortunately, my posts aren't as detailed as yours lol I've been very brief!

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Vern- LOL!!! Hahahaha YAY! Yeah I have no idea what in the world is going on but I can't sleep until super late these days! I thought it was just the excitement of having the group down that was keeping me up... But its been like that for quite a while now... So weird. I guess we can no longer be kindred-early-sleepers :)))

Meg- Awesome! Can't wait to see them. :))

Veronica said...

LOL! I think I've joined the All Nighter's too!! I've been having the SAME problem! I guess the "grandma's" are coming out of their slumber! hahaha :)

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