Thursday, August 30, 2012

Grocery Day!

Saturday is market/grocery day! Beth and I decided to go along with Lolita to see what we could see :D

We bought some cheese from the cheese lady...
:)) Mmm...

Then we bought some tomatos and some chiles...

Then we walked over to the meat section of the market to buy a big pig...
Just kidding.
Oh and it may look like this guy is hugging the little piggy, but actually what he is doing is skinning it. Yum. :))

Bethy loves the little cherkerns

Here's our little meat guy slicing our chuletas and flechas... Sorry,
I have no idea how to say that in English... the words escape me haha.

Poor little chickens, just waiting to be bought and cooked up...

Here's a guy serving up one of my most favorite things in the market... Our local honey! It's amazing.

And outside, they sometimes sell parrots and birds! I had my camara out and ready, because I was totally expecting this lady to get bit! The bird was vicious and the lady was, well, being not so smart. :D

Then we started on buying our fruit!

Here's one of the fruit guys... I think he needs to eat more of his own produce...
He looks a tad malnourished.

We have every fruit imaginable in our market! Mangos, pomegranites, kiwis, jicama, peaches, papaya, apples, guayaba, pears, pineapple, canteloupe, strawberries... You name it, we got it.

This right here is a rare find though... Deep dark purple grapes! I'm still kicking myself for not stopping and checking them out. :( We were in a hurry to our next stop.

And our next stop? Chedraui!
We are not so brave as to buy our fish from our lovely market, so we go to our grocery store instead.

No, we didn't buy these, but they look way more interesting than the fish that we bought haha.

Evil gluten :))

Done with our grocery shopping, we went outside to catch a bus!

Stay tuned for an update on our school! :)


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Jennifer Connell said...

Lol! Your comments on the pictures crack me up. Too funny. And I'm jealous of all the different types of fruit you guys have that we don't! You can always smuggle some back. ;)

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