Saturday, September 1, 2012

Week #2, Gone with the Wind!

Week #2 of Centro Educativo La Victoria!
Life has become very very busy... But we are loving the challenges that this new school brings.
Here are a few pictures of the past few school days!

Pastor comes down every morning and prays with the kids and teaches a little Bible lesson, or helps the kids memorize a verse.

Ay ay, Mondays are tough!;P
After each school day, Bethany and I go over the work the kids did, plan for the next school days, and tell each other the funny things that happened in the day... these times end up with us crying from laughter... Well at least we think the crying is from laughing! It might be from exhaustion. 
We really do love our new job, and it's very fulfilling, but it sure is tiring.

Pastor has been building a special box to hold all of our laptops and keyboards for when we have to pack up everything. It's turning out really nice!

How Beth feels after a day of school haha.

Judah comes with his mom to pick up his cousins.
I can't wait till my little monkey is one of our students!

Bethany helping our little spacer, Eddy. :))
^^Such a good little teacher ;P^^

Constant supervision is required for our 2 littlest chillens :)

All of the kiddos studying!

My little prodigy, crunching numbers...
Muahahaa :))) My prodigy... I make myself laugh!
When I say prodigy, I call him that with totally blind faith. This little guy is the toughest cookie in the bunch!
Thanks to the wonderful Mexican public school system, he has gone through 3 years of kindergarten and still does not know how to count to 10. Neither can he say his whole alphabet correctly. He is a hyper little boy and has a very hard time concentrating on his work. When a kid in a classroom of 50 students acts up constantly and has a hard time learning, the teacher places that kid in the very back of the classroom to do whatever he pleases. The few children that are blessed with longer attention spans are placed at the front of the classroom.
I'm hoping and praying that with time, one on one teaching, and bucketloads of patience, he'll become one of our brightest students. :)

Playing during break!

Bright Beth ;)
Don't you just love her skirt?? Too bad for all you girls, you won't be able to find it in any stores...
 It's a one-of-a-kind Bethany design... and created by our seamstress down the street!

Pastor so graciously :) agreed to help teach our 2 oldest boys how to make their Power Point presentations!

Little Fabian!
(aka, "Fabis". LOL... cracks me up when I hear the other kids call him that...) 

 Workin' away...

Bethany playing deer in the headlights haha. 
And that mysterious white blob with legs is a chapulin (grasshopper) that Austin caught, and with some help, put a "collar"on it! The kids had a pet grasshopper for a while... Until we fried it up with some chilis and ate it... Kidding!

Well, another week is over, and here Beth and I are, working away so we can be ready for week #3! 
It really is amazing how quickly the days pass! 

Time flies when you're having a good time ;)



Cherie said...

You wore the skirt!!!!!! And YES, I love it!!!

Naomi said...

You girls are amazing to take on this big job of teaching school...May the Lord Bless you for all your hard work!!

Mary Frances said...

OMW!!! I want Beth's skirt!!! I seriousley think that skirt should have its OWN blog post!!! Heeeeey if you guys want to raise money you should sell them to us US girls!!! :)))

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