Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fabian's Testimony

This past week, a couple of our kids were learning the importance of history. The world's history, Mexico's history, their personal history. For homework, they had to write their testimony. How their life was before God, how they came to know the Lord, and how their life is now that they are living for Him. I took up their papers the next day and was so touched when I read Fabian's testimony. He comes from a very very poor family. His parents do not serve God, but his grandma faithfully brings him to church several times a week. She cannot read or write, but loves God! Fabian is the only boy in the school whose parents do not come to church. Thankfully, his grandma has a burden for him and has made the sacrifice to put him in the school. This means walking about two miles every morning to drop Fabian off here at school.

Fabian and his grandma, Hermana Francis
Here is Fabian's testimony that he wrote:

"Ever since I was very little, my grandma began taking me to church. For a while my parents didn't let me attend church, but my grandma, seeing that what my parents were teaching me was not good, had to have a tough talk with them. Ever since then, I have not stopped going to church. We struggle because my parents don't want to go to the church. I wish they would go, but if they don't, my grandma and I will keep seeking God. I thank God that I was able to meet a God that is able to save and I am happy walking in the way of God. This is my testimony."


Jennifer Connell said...

My eyes unexpectedly filled up with tears after reading this. What a sweet little boy. God is so good! Thanks for sharing.

Frances Kendrick said...

Awww...that is soooo sweet!! It just touched my heart!!
Praying for your church and school!

Anonymous said...

How precious and touching! And to think so many Norte Americanos find excuses NOT to attend!! Thank you for sharing!

tinita said...

Oh my, what an inspirational blog. It touch my heart.

Thanks for sharing.

the family international children of god

Couture by Cassia said...

Out of the mouth of babes..... Touched my heart. Beautiful beyond words.

Andy G said...

I stil remember when his parents didn't let him go to church. Sister Francis was always asking for prayers so her son let Fabian go to church and even tho Fabian has the option of not attend church, he's there with his grandma in church.

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