Tuesday, August 21, 2012

First Day of School! Our Dreams Coming True...

Yesterday was our first day of school! This is a dream come true for us. In the past, homeschooling has been against the law. It has also been against the law for a church to have a school. The only option for the kids has been the public school.

As it is in the US a lot of the time, the public schools are not a place one would prefer to put their child in. Here in Mexico, the public school system is saturated in Catholicism. On Day of the Dead, the children are required to bring food sacrifices for the altars in each classroom. It is a huge battle every year, trying to get out of it. But, last year we discovered a homeschooling curriculum that complies with the law and gives parents an added option in their children's education. It is also based on the Bible!  

The teachers here are like dictators. Whatever they say is taken as a commandment written in stone. Every so often, the teachers check their students to see if they are practicing proper hygiene. This includes looking at their nails, hair, and underclothes. They tell the parents what food they can and can't bring. If a parent misses a meeting or doesn't come to school work days, they are fined or their child's grade is lowered.

When Nicole and I were younger we attended the Mexican public schools. We have seen things happen in the classroom that would make you gasp! The teachers routinely leave the classroom for hours on end, leaving no adult supervision. It is not uncommon for a teacher to smoke in class. Mine did, and would throw her cigarette butts on the classroom floor. Nicole was given a shot without parental consent. Crazy, crazy!!

Besides all of this, the immorality of the schools shameful. The kids are taught that homosexuality is normal, and that there are three genders. The teachers curse at the kids and do not show any kind of respect. I once saw my teacher twist a kids ear so hard, I'm sure his feet come off the ground!

Through this new project, we are trying to increase the odds that our kids will be saved. Not only do we want to make good students, but we also want to develop them into true disciples of Jesus.

For our first year, we have 6 students...all boys!!

We start out each day with prayer and devotions.

Pastor prays with the kids then gives a small lesson on a certain theme. This month's theme is "One God"!

Every week they will have verses to memorize, chosen by Pastor.

After devotions, each child logs onto their computer and starts their schoolwork! They will study Math, Spanish, History, Geography, Science and Penmanship. At the end of the day, there is P.E.

This week, the kids are learning how to use the computer, mouse, and keyboard. 

...Except for Nansito. He is learning to read and write.

Eddy learning to type :)

Bryan is the kid in gray. Monday was his first time to ever use a computer!

Nicole at her desk...

...me at my desk!

Dansito and Eddy with their watches that they made

Yesterday we memorized "a s d f, j k l ñ"

Each kid has their own computer, and at any time, we can log onto our computers and see what they have accomplished.

Lunch time!

Taking a nap...lol! Nicole is SO worried everyone is going to actually think she is sleeping in this picture...so for Nicole's sake...she is only playing!

Yesterday was a day of learning and experiencing things they've never experienced before. Yesterday the boys had their first opportunity to use an electric pencil sharpener! They were fascinated!

So now you know what our latest adventures are! We are so excited to be starting this new chapter of the work down here in Mexico. This is going to change lives and destinies! Now...it has yet to be seen WHOSE lives will be changed...ours or the kids? Haha! Yesterday I learned the technical words for each finger in Spanish (pointer, middle finger, ring finger, pinky!) So along with the kids, we are also being educated!



Cherie said...

This is all so neat and exciting! I am so happy for you guys. Beth and Nicole, you will make great teachers....and how neat it will be to watch these kids learn and grow up there in the school!

Love you guys very much!

Jennifer Connell said...

This is so heart warming!! ;) You two definitely fit the teacher role! The boys are so cute, I'm sure they are a handful at times, but hey, it's such a rewarding job! I'll keep you in prayer!! Mucho amore. lol

Michael Gonzales Jr said...

Praise God for y'all school!

Phoenix, Arizona is praying for Puebla. Keep up the good work and the spreading of the gospel

Anali said...

This is awesome!! My mom and I didn't know it was illegal to homeschool either

Kendra Thaler said...

CONGRATS! This is super exciting :)

Curtis Wakefield said...

That is so exciting! One thing I noticed from the pics. The kids need chairs more to their size. Would any like to contribute to a chair fund. I pledge 50 dollars right now. Who will join me so I don't have to come up with the rest of the money, too?

amygardner said...

Where's the apple for teacher's desk? you know, the caramel covered ones???...I'm just sayin...

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