Friday, December 2, 2011


I'm a little behind, but here are some pictures from our Thanksgiving! We had such a good time and were so happy to be able to get together with our family!

Mr. Cool relaxing after the big feast :)

As you can see, little Punkin' got plenty of attention!!! She gave everyone a turn to cuddle her--what a sweetheart! <3

Giving Nicole some love!

She loves men's whiskers!

Giving Grampa kisses 

After we ate, everyone came in the living room and we played an awesome game of Charades! (With a Pictionary twist for those who didn't want to act :)

Trying to act out "Pharmacy"

Mom and I were a team and woooooooo!! We were killing it! We made a winning team, fo' sho!


Gramma acting out "swimming pool" to Austin


Abner trying to act out "worm"--haha!

Grampa trying to act out "ugly"

Hayde begging...and Grampa confused!

I had to act out "calf meat" I shook mom's hand, and she guessed "Nice to meet you." Third word. Ok, meat! Then I point to my calf and her face goes blank. "......I forgot the word!!!!" Aaaauugh!!
So here we are reviewing names of body parts for future reference. Haha!

The night ended with a goooooooooood ole game of clue! My favorite board game!! 
Thank God for a wonderful, wonderful family!!

In recent news...My mom, Nicole, and Austin flew out yesterday to California. Nicole has had some health problems for the past couple of months so we decided it was necessary for her to go and get checked out.  In Dad's words, "We love her so we want to take care of her!" So if you think about it, say a prayer for Nicole! 
They will be gone throughout the month of December, which means it will be just Dad and I this month...maybe longer, depending. So far we are having a pretty good time though. The house is so peaceful and quiet. Beau is getting spoiled to death and I have basically rearranged the house to how I like it. Nicole and Austin's rooms are now mine to do with as I please! (Nicole's began with a thorough cleaning--haha!) I could do a whole post on just the things I found under her bed :D LOL! 
Of course, this is just the upside of it all. We miss Mom. We miss Austin's constant chatter and singing. I miss Nicole's warmth. (Literally---she is like a walking fireplace and I'm like a walking ice cube. We make a good team :) 

It's gotten really cold these past few days so we have been using our wood stove quite a bit. Christmas music has been playing and the house is decorated with lights and that green stuff (what's it called). Aaaaand...right when I typed that, I heard some lights fall. Uh-oh. :-/
Aaaanyways! Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, spent with friends, family, and of course...good food! 


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You got prayers from east Phoenix

Love what y'all doing out there for God and His kingdom!

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