Saturday, December 10, 2011

Blood & Tacos

Dear Jimboy's Tacos~
Your tacos were amazing. .....For the first few minutes of digestion.... After that, it was down-hill. Thank you for doing what you did to my stomach. You have made a lasting impression. I'm sure I'll never be the same, nor will I be back.
~Yours Truly, Nicole
Okaaaay now that I have that out of the way I will mooove on! :))

Well I got Bethany's "hint hint" about posting!  So surprise! Here I am, ready to spill all!
Here's to make a long story short: We left Puebla around 1am, hopped on a bus to Mexico City, got to the airport, checked in and then a couple of hours later, we were on a plane headed for the good ol' USA! 6 hours later, we landed in Sacramento, Ca. Lovely, lovely. 
And what have I been doing since then?

Well, I went to the doctor! And had to have my blood taken :(
I love my blood. And honestly I thought I was going to cry like a baby when they took it--

^^that actually is ME right after I was born hahahaha^^

But I put on my brave face and sat down in the torture chair :))

Wow, that lady was amazing! She popped that needle into my arm so quick, I didn't feel a thing! I just stared as my blood filled the little tube and vial thing... And got a little light headed thinking, "Uhh, don't I need that??" Hahaha.

War wound!

We then stopped by the raved-about "Jimboy's Tacos"...
Let me tell you, I could rave for quite a while about these tacos.
But I will refrain.
(they really did taste good)

Those are just a few things that we have done in the past few days. We really have been enjoying ourselves despite the true reason that we are here. It has been wonderful to visit with old friends and enjoy all the things that the U.S.A. offers. :)

I love my mom.
She's taking good care of me while we're here :)

Here's to anybody that is tired of your collection of Christmas music that you've had for 20 years.
Freshen it up with "Sound of Christmas" by Tyler Sullivan!
Hahahaa, no I am not his promotional manager. :))
But let me tell you, this guy has an amazing voice!!
Me and my mom have been rocking out (like old people rocking hahaha) to this music everytime we get in the car.
He has the "mellow-est" tenor pentecostal voice that I've heard in a while. Yes! I forgot to mention-- he's pentecostal! :))

Stop by his website and check it out!

Well everyone, that's all for now!
Have a great day!


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Mary Frances said...

Heeey my friend Jac got his CD!!! Its AWESOME!!!

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