Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I Like Spicy Food But...

Ok so I'm sitting here just now trying to do something new to this blog. I am eating dried cranberries. I taste something spicy and think, "They must have mixed a chili seed in here". (These are Mexican cranberries so this, to me, was completely logical). I keep snacking. Ten minutes later I taste something spicy again and feel something on the tip of my tongue. Do you know what it was?!?!!
It was an ANT! ALIVE!! 
So what do I do? Google, of course!! "Are ants spicy?"

Do you know what I found out? YESSSSS!! YES, they ARE!! I'm not even kidding. Next time you see an ant, pop it in your mouth and see what it tastes like. Ants are tiny walking chili peppers!



Marvin C. C. said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAH I LOVE THIS POST MADE ME CRACK UP!! I think the "spiciness" was the ant biting you. LOL it has happened to me before! They are very tasty! lol.

Elias said...

Ants are more on the spicy side. If your in the mood for sour, you can't go wrong with crickets. There tender and totally addicting. You can also dip roaches in chocolate. I have plenty of more ideas, feel free to ask.

Mary Frances said...

Ewwwwwww!!! That is sooooo gross...buuuuuut really, really, really FUNNNNY!!! And weird...ants are spicy?? Ugh!!! I wonder WHY??? You should google why!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

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