Saturday, December 31, 2011

Fun Day ~ Six Flags

Just this Thursday we had the priviledge to go to Six Flags/Discovery Kingdom! For free! Haha :)

We have connections ;)

Haha well kind of :) Some of our friends had 3 tickets (perfect!) that were expiring very soon and they weren't going to be able to use them, so they called us up! So sweet.

Okay so normally the first pic would be of the Six Flags sign... but normal is boring. Aaaand we were driving too quickly. :))

So first pic:
A cute little town :))

Austin and me :)
This boy can NOT take a normal picture.
He either ends up looking totally in the wrong direction like below, or he makes a face like some wanted criminal.... or just gives the camera a dead stare. Yeah, it bugs me. But hey... he's just a kid haha. :)

Austin and a creepy little elf. Hahaha.

Now this was fun! They had a section of the amusement park set up with snow! They had bobsledding (I guess that's what it's called?) and then a patch of snow sectioned off to have little snowball fights! So cute.
I loved the sledding part :) It was like a mini, mini version of our snow trip last winter.  

Okay so here I am! Little ol' me sitting on the far left...
This was really not that "scary". More like swinging through the air peacefully haha. Though I dont think the guy on the right was having the same experience as me hahaaha. He was yelling the whole time and mixing in some color every other yell. Nice :P

Shouka babyyyy! :)
I loved this part. These things are so humongous!
Before the killer whale show started they had it swimming down by these windows, so we were going to get a nice pic with her. She liked me of course.... :)))

But when Austin sat down for the picture she shocked us all by lunging and biting at the clear window! The amazing thing is that my mom caught it on the camera!
LOL, we moved on pretty quickly after that... 


Cutiepies :)

Killer whale show!
I loved it!

Poor people got soaked!!!
Oh and I forgot to mention... It was absolutely freezing!! It is definitely still winter here in the North!
No sun to dry them off!

Shouka :)

Here's a mini musical they had going...
The girl in the plaid is doing her Christmas wish and she wishes that her 3 favorite toys would come to life. She wishes and nothing happens, so she asks for the crowd to participate. They do, and nothing happens... So then she chooses someone from the crowd to help her and they sprinkle "magic snow" on her stuffed animals and then put them in those big boxes. She then asks the crowd to close their eyes and wish really, really hard...
My mom and I didn't do this part and I was careful to watch Austin out of the corner of my eye... I watched him as he looked around, then went behind my mom's back so no one would see...

And this is what I caught!
Hahahaa I love this picture!! He is so intense. Wishing, hiding, and chewing his popcorn :)))

Next, the dolphin show! This was also very cute.

Looks fun!

Standing in one of the many lines of the day :)


Posing with teddy bear :)

Me being... silly... :)

Yeeeah. Me and Austin were tired of taking pictures! We decided not to take this one nicely.
Gotta love Austin's face. LOL.

"Give us a break, Mom!"

99% of the rides we rode were for little kids, but I still enjoyed myself on them, through Austin :)))
He was having a blast!

Sis. Mom, playing the machines... Hahaha this is her "addiction"- smashed pennies!


They had a few of these little fires set up around the park. (You can't really see them in this pic). But they were wonderful!
Love my mom...

More snow!

Yep! He was having fun! :)


Not so cutie! Haha. Saw some strange lookin' people! Oh and the blond dreads were being worn by a man! Yep...

Tired of the normal poses hahaha ;P

Us with the little gingerbread man and reindeer!

All in all, we had an awesome day!
So much fun!

Happy New Years to you all!


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