Monday, December 12, 2011

Classic Car Show

Saturday we went to the coolest car show I've ever been to...the only one I've ever been to, actually. 
They had over 200 classic cars ranging from 1930-1970. It was so interesting!! I have never seen such cute cars in my life. We had a really good time. It was really surprising when we got to one of the first cars. I was joking about getting in it and tried the door....and it was unlocked! So Abner and I got in to get our picture taken. I felt so nervous, like I was doing something really really bad. Haha!
Going down the rows of cars, we soon found out almost all of the cars were unlocked! :)

A cobra 427 Shelby...Jay Leno has this car. 

A fifty-something Cadillac 

I love how the insides of these old cars is so cute!

The Batmobile from the 60's television series

A Corvette

This looks like the car Kennedy was assassinated in. 

Doing the Kennedy re-enactment 

We love these two so much!

Mr. Cool

Cute little Bugs

In a Los Angeles firetruck


Elias said...

BATMAN!! Those are some nice cars...

Abner said...

Mr.Cool? Jajaja, Me gusta ese nombre:D


Mary Frances said...

You have been given a Christmas blogger challenge by Mary and Destiny! Go to the link for the details!!! :)

Mary Frances said...

Do you guys accept the challenge??? So far 10 Apostolic bloggers have joined...come on!!! Don't miss out!!! i think you all should make it a WHOLE FAMILY event!!! HAHA!!

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