Monday, December 5, 2011

Coca~Cola Parade

Saturday night we went to a parade put on by Coca-Cola. We had a blast and for once, I took a ton of pictures!! (Since Nicole isn't here to do it instead :) best intentions were shattered by the "power drain" we had last night. My camera chip was plugged into the computer, which was on and apparently they got erased. (This is my guess, at least!) 
Fortunately, I did take a few pictures on my phone, and though they aren't the best they are!

Each float passed by with its own pumping Christmas music. Some were blowing confetti and foam up into the air to look like snow. It was so pretty!

I think they got their stories mixed up here because it looked like the wicked witch from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe was in Santa's sleigh!

And one last picture I found on my phone...
Austin and I were playing church with the cat the other night. He already had his pajamas on, but clipped a tie onto the front of his shirt. That made me laugh! Aww :) I miss my little buddy!
Maybe in the next few days Nicole could post and tell us about what she's been up to the past few days! Hint, hint! :P

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