Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Service

This past Sunday we had our special Christmas service. The church was full and there was an atmosphere of expectation and excitement. We had a really good service!!

The kids started the service out by quoting verses. 

Then the Pre-K and Kindergarten class came up and sang.

Some of the ladies sang a special...

Then El Pastor preached about God's unspeakable gift. 

Ismael opening the pretty, but ash-filled box. 

One of the wrapped presents was box full of candy. So in the middle of his preaching, El Pastor did a mini-candy rain. It was hilarious to watch grown adults diving into the aisle to catch a piece. I guess we all have a bit of kid in us. :)

Of course when Beau saw all this chaos he went WILD barking and growling. 

Protecting the gift God has given us...the Holy Ghost!


Cherie said...

How awesome! Those kids are adorable!!

Justin just walked by and stopped and said "I think THEY have the COOLEST blog. Do you too?!" :))

Love you guys!!

Kathy McElhaney said...

The picture of Beau is hilarious!!

Merry Christmas to the Wakefields! Love you all.

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