Friday, December 16, 2011

Nicole's Engagement Announcement

News Update!

Well, there's some exciting new things going on in the Wakefield family, and I wanted you all to hear about it first!
I'm happy to announce my engagement to.....


none other than the one and oooonlyyyy....
Just kidding folks! Believe it or not, I do not have the "Bieber fever".
More like the Bieber cold! Hahaha.
My mom and I were just picking up a few things at Walmart today, and I saw this book... and well, had to take a silly picture with it...
You know, my tribute to Justin Bieber and all his giggling girly fans out there. :))

There actually has been more things going on that I would *like* to post up... Buuuut I am actually quite tired, and am having horrible writer's block. Lol.
So that's it for now :)

***For all of our followers, if you have had the priviledge to see my recent mess-ups and "posting-when-the-post-is-not-ready" please excuse me, Nicole Wakefield. It's quite embarassing. But I blame it on these dumb American keyboards. Hahaha :P*** 

Goodnight everyone!


Mary Frances said...

NICOLE!!! I'm soooo glad that you decided to join the competition!!! AND I'm glad your NOT really engaged to the Bieber...ahaha!!! I have ACTUALLY heard of him...LOL!!! Although, if he was walkin down the street I would have NO idea who it was!!!

Elias said...

Diary of a wimpy kid!!!

Dacia Loa said...

Omg! You know, there for a minute you had me scared! I was like, "Oh no, she likes Justin Bieber?!" HAHAHA! No, actually I thought you were really engaged. And then I thought, "I smell a rat." Then when I read the post it all made sense! HEHE! :D

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