Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wakefield Pet Repertoire

When we were younger, we were craaaaaazy about animals. (We still are, but some of us are a bit pickier now--ha!) Any stray dog that lived around the house, church, or soon had a name and knew where to come for attention and maybe a little food. Through the years we have had dogs, dogs, and more dogs, cats, rabbits, lizards, birds, a chicken, a turtle....the list goes on and on. 
In the space of about 3 years, we went through three dachshunds (that's the technical word for a weiner dog-lol). Our first one ran away, our second one died of Parvo two days after we got her. The last one got ran over. 
Do not be dismayed though! We had great luck with the strays! Not very often did they die or get ran over... :))

Grampa with salchicha #1

Salchicha #3 

Out of all the dogs we "claimed" when we were kids, two of them will always stand out as our "favorites". 

And Cocoa!
These two were the most loyal and the ones we have the most stories on. When we were having church in the tent, they would run behind our car all the way there. When we would arrive, Cobu knew not to come in, but Cocoa just didn't get it. One time, Cocoa came in and rolled over on her back refusing to get out. Cobu then came in, grabbed her by her back leg and began to pull her out of the tent. He knew she was about to get it if she didn't leave! 

Cocoa also gave us quite an education in puppy births... :))
It was pretty gross, actually. 

Cobu hanging out with the saints after church

I'm noticing a pattern....Maybe Grampa would like one of these for Christmas. Heh heh. 

Dress up!

If I remember correctly, our rabbits began to multiply in the way rabbits are known for. And that put an end to our collection of rabbits. Soon we got down to just "rabbit". One big, fat, gray rabbit with 2-inch toenails that would one day eat our turtle. Oh, those were the days...

We are still waiting on the promised burro. :)



Elias said...

Yay! no Cats! hahaha :)


Marvin C. C. said...

actually they presently have a cat lol @elias

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