Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Los Apostolicos de Puebla

Directly across the street from where we were living, some people began to build a building. They said it was going to be a factory. We were needing a building at this time and God spoke to Elder Wakefield and said, "They are building you a church". Every so often, Elder Wakefield would visit the construction workers to let them know they were building him a church, but they would just laugh and say "It's going to be a factory!" Several months passed, and they finished the building. However, when they went to get the permit to open a business, they found out this property was zoned for houses and churches only! That's when they came knocking on our door asking if we wanted to buy it. With the help of churches in the US, we were able to purchase it and are still using it today!

Children's Day in the new church

After about a year of living in Puebla, we had to go on deputation. So in the space of 5 months, we drove through 27 US states in our little Volkswagon Jetta. It really was wonderful to be able to visit so many different landmarks and churches and experience so much at such a young age. What a priviledge! I remember going to churches and singing in Spanish.We did all this traveling during the summer and did not have air conditioning in the car. I remember driving through Texas and Louisiana with a bucket of ice in my lap. We were miserable at the time, but made memories we will never forget!

Dad and Mom with our little Jetta

Here is a group from Pastor White's church that came down and visited us.

One of the ways we evanglized...
We put speakers on top of the car and announced through a microphone about the church and upcoming special services. Us girls would hang out the back windows throwing candy and passing out fliers. 

We loved doing this! One time we went all over our area of town announcing a special service for the Dia de los NiƱos (Children's Day). We were throwing out candy, passing out fliers, and just having a good ole time. Kids were chasing the car to get their own flier--it was wild! This was when we were still having services in our living room and 125 kids showed up!!! We did not have room in the house for them so they were all out in the yard and everywhere...everyone wanting their candy!!

Popocatapetl errupted during the time we were in Puebla. It spewed ash everywhere and was even overflowing with lava!

Having service in someone's house
(See my mom behind Nicole playing the accordian).

A concert in the street

This lady visited the church for the first time during the street concert. Here she is getting baptized...
She is so sweet and funny, but none of us know how old she is, not even her!

This is some of the church people years ago...
Who woulda thunk it, the girl up front in the yellow dress would be our Sunday school teacher now!

Washing the church sign with Grampa
I was baptized in this new church when I was 9 years old. Here Nicole and I are getting our baptismal certificates with some other saints. 

Nicole praying at the altar

Elder Wakefield performing Jorge and Natalia's church wedding

We eventually bought the property beside the church and built the Universidad Apostolica. 

This is how it looks today, except the garden out front has grown a lot!


Marvin C. C. said...

THATS THE STORY! IT FINISHED!!! I WAS LOVING THIS! Thank for sharing the story of your Grand Parents. It is amazing to hear and read how God our Saviour led them thru everything. Its amazing what God can do. Thanks For The Story Beth.

Ash said...

Ahh no wonder part of my arms and legs are missing! Bc "Ash" was flying everywhere. Haha jk

Cara said...

I love these posts about your church history! It's interesting and touching to see how the gospel has been spread in another country! Keep em' coming..! :)

Cherie Marchbanks said...

What a great story!! I loved all the old pictures! Good writing, Beth!

Calvin_and_Hobbes@rocketmail.com said...

Awesome!! I love th story thanks!!

Hanna said...

That is so beautiful :) Amazing post!

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