Monday, November 21, 2011

Just the Beginning

    Many years ago, before I was even born, my grandparents were pastoring a church in Chico, CA. They had lived in northern California for most of their lives and thought they would always live and pastor around there. I would imagine most of us could look where we are now and say, "I never thought things would turn out this way!" My grandparents are no exception. However, through this whole story, it is very obvious that God had a plan. And it is still not over! 
It is with much thankfulness to God and pride over these being my grandparents that I get to tell a bit of their story...

 It was a Sunday morning in 1988 when two Spanish-speaking men visited Elder and Sis. Wakefield's church. They spoke no English, but enjoyed the service. There was a problem though. No one could communicate with them! So Elder Wakefield began to pray and ask God to help him learn Spanish so he could teach these two men. He began to study the language and soon felt a burden for the Latino people, He began knocking doors in the areas of Chico where they lived. It was during this time that God gave him a burden for the country of Mexico. Elder Wakefield shared this burden with some people, but very few were supportive. A leader in the organization they were with at the time actually told him, “If they want to hear the gospel, they can learn English.” Talk about not being missions minded! But this did not deter Elder Wakefield. With Jesus and Sis. Wakefield behind him, they started making plans to move to Mexico. 

     In 1989 they sold their house in Chico and almost everything they owned and moved to Concord, CA to attend Bro. Elias Limones’ church. The goal was to submerge themselves in this Spanish work and prepare for what was ahead. They would try to learn the language and the Spanish choruses sung at the church. They also started a janitorial business and saved up enough money to pay cash for a vehicle and have a little extra to live on once they arrived in Mexico. So for three years, it was “souls and toilet bowls!”

     During this time, Elder Wakefield decided to take a trip down to Mexico to see what it was like, as he had never ever visited before. He wanted to “feel it out” and pray for direction on where exactly God would have him to go. On the flight down, he sat beside a Mexican man that spoke no English. He began trying to testify to him, but was still struggling to learn the language. However, sitting behind him on the plane was an Apostolic woman that spoke fluent Spanish! She helped translate for Elder Wakefield as he witnessed to his ‘airplane buddy’. When this Apostolic woman found out the reason for Elder Wakefield’s trip, she became very excited! She told him that her family lived in Acapulco and begged him to stay and witness to them so they might be saved. She also said her brother was a taxi driver and could show him the city.

     By the time the plane landed, plans had been made for Elder Wakefield to meet this lady’s family. What would be his first contacts in the country. When he arrived at these people’s home, he found a very primitive, poor living area. The family was a mess, deeply involved in sin. He also found out that the chauffer-brother’s taxi was broken down. Remember, this was his first time in Mexico, so everything was new and surprising! For his first night in Mexico, he slept in the back of this family’s house in a hammock, with two stinky hogs in the corner snorting all night long. 

(To be continued........)

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