Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Last week we went to our first Mexican rodeo. It was quite the exciting experience!
One minute we were cheering and having a great time, and the next we were all cringing.
We actually took about 5,000 picture but about 3 of them turned out. Here are a few of them!

Here is a cowboy riding a wild horse.
After the horse got tired of bucking, the guy would jump off and the rest of the cowboys would tried to rope him. They were not very talented in this area. :-/
They also roped little bulls. After they lassoed its legs, they would make it trip and fall. (It was the most pitiful thing). They even broke one bull's leg. :'(
They were pulling tails, using a cattle prod...it was just cruel! But if you think about cowboys in the old days...this is how they probably worked. (Minus the cattle prod--ha!)

We were having a pretty nice time until this man behind us started upchucking!!!!!! (He was a bit drunk).
You can see the people around him leaving, and the expression on the man's face on the left. HA!

Mr. Cowboy himself!

There were ladies all dressed up in traditional Mexican garb.
They did all kinds of twirls and jumps on their horses. It was so neat!

After the show, we walked around in the cowboy fair. Everything was so expensive! 
This saddle costed $280,000 pesos!!!! (About 21,000 dollars, according to Google.) 
A little over-priced?
Through all of this, I got inspired about what I want to be when I grow up. It's the only option. The obvious option. 
In the ministry + Cowgirl = Circuit Rider!

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singingismything said...

I believe this post may have just won my heart;) except i didnt see any cute vaqueros.... hmmm. & i think you'll be great circuit rider Beth!!:)) May i bring my banjo &tag along??

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