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After scouting out Acapulco for a couple of days, Elder Wakefield got on a bus and headed all over the country! He visited Guadalajara, the state of Mexico, Guanajuato, and many more places. He wanted to see as much of the country as possible, to see where God would have him to go. He loved the state of Guanajuato, had actually studied up on it before leaving the U.S. It was a big city, lots of industry, and a nice climate. He decided right off that he did NOT want to go to Acapulco because it was so hot and humid!
But what place do you think God gave him a burden for? That’s right! Acapulco, my dear!!

As you can see, it is a very very beautiful city! (But stiflingly hot!)

So after this 7-day visit, he went back home and he and Sis. Wakefield started making plans to make the big move. They packed what little they could take with them into their brand-new, completely paid for, baby blue Toyota pick-up and headed down to Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico!

When they arrived, they found a house and immediately started a church. Their very first convert was a man that worked across the street from their house at one of President John Kennedy’s vacation houses. When he decided he wanted to be baptized, they went across the street to this luxurious house and Elder Wakefield baptized him in the swimming pool! When the man came up out of the water he was speaking in tongues! Everyone was shocked. The people had NEVER seen someone receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost; they did not know what it was like. This was their first time to see anything like it, but it was the little seed of faith they needed (not to mention a HUGE encouragment to Elder and Sis. Wakefield!) Many people began receiving the Holy Ghost because of this and the church began to grow!

Here they are having church on the beach. 

They did not have a building for the first six months so services were held right on the beach. Baptisms were right in the Pacific Ocean! One time Elder Wakefield was baptizing a woman in the ocean. When he pulled her up out of the water, three men came running full speed over to them thinking the woman was drowning. They asked, “Did you save her?!?” Elder Wakefield’s reply, “Well I had a part in it!” 

Preaching to the people

The church in Acapulco

For five years they labored in Acapulco and founded two churches. They also joined the UPCI after a couple of years. Many, many people came to know God in this time, and some of the most fantastic “missionary stories” I have ever heard are from their years in Acapulco. However, when Elder Wakefield saw that the churches were thriving, he realized he was no longer needed there. It was time to move on…..

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