Monday, November 8, 2010

You Know You Wish You Were Called!!

(...Ok ok, called to be a missionary to Mexico....)
Today we went up to a little town about an hour away. 
We've heard allll kinds of stories about how dangerous this place is. 
When these people have a problem, they pull out their guns and take care of it. 
(Technically, guns are illegal here...only the boogie men have them). 
But today we went over there. It was fabulous!
We had an absolute blast...If ever you are bored or don't know what you want to do, but you want an adventure...become a missionary!! It's the most fulfilling thing you could do! ;) 
(This coming from 2 extremely content missionary's daughters...)

The trip up:
(Potty break!)

We're HERE!


Horsie, horsie...

We were going up here mainly to baptize a man from our church. 
This is the lake. I KNOW it looks totally disgusting, but once we cleared away the green stuff the water was nice and clear. 

Anahi and Nicole

Maribel and meee 

El Pastor and Luis

Mmmm! Look at that water!!


Here we are having mini church :))

Then surprise...the grampa comes wading in and says he wants to be baptized too! 
Business out of the way...
Time to schwim!

Here we be :)

Hahhaa Look what was floating in the water...

Sun-dried crusty fish...

This is Nicole's artistic side coming out...
See me and Mari's feet in my sunglasses?

COUSINS...playing in the water ;) Heehee...

Me and Mari

Sis. Elvira trying to keep cool

Ok, this is just nasty. Slimy, grossss...
We found this dead body floating in the middle of the lake.
What a coincidence, it's one of our guys...

We saw a crab! It wouldn't come out and say hi though...

Nicole, Maribel, and Me

This is NOT the end of our day...but it IS the end of MY day!! 
I'm exhausted so I'll finish posting about the rest of our day tomorrow. 
Believe me, it gets wayyyy more fun from here. 

Austin just did his good night prayers with Nicole. He said, "God, thank you for your many blessings today.....Please give me convictions for paying my tithes and television. Thank you for Mommy and Daddy and Nicole and Bethy. Help Bethy to be more nice to me."
(He wants me to sleep in his room...)


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