Tuesday, November 9, 2010

How to Ride in a Horse Cart

 On to the other half of our day...
Our next stop was to visit the man that got car-jacked a couple months back. 
On our way there though, we stopped to eat. 
This little town was really neat. The horses and cars all drove on the road together. 

Pork rinds. Love that hairy kind...


They bought a bag of cheese, a bag of chiles, and a couple liters of coke. 
Here is our Mexican-style buffet:
Oh, also they bought 6 kilos of tortillas. That is 13.2 pounds. 
There were about 15 people.
This just shows you guys how much these people eat tortillas. It's crazy! 

 We got to the car-jacked man's house. A huge family lived out there, and it was wayyy out in the boonies. 
Like...block houses and huts, dusty little babies running around, no cars, and chickens and other animals with wings running everywhere. 

 Us in the corn field. 
I'd recommend not doing this unless you want tiny little slivers all over your body. 

The man sitting at the far left end is the car-jacked one. 

We were asked if we wanted to ride in the horse cart. I wanted the full missionary experience (ha!) so of course we said YES...
Here we are. This is our version of a hay-ride. :))
We all decided that we wanted to have a contest of who could stay standing up the longest while on the back of this thing. A bunch of us came close to really "biting the dust". 
On the other hand, I tried sitting...and found out standing is the only way to go. Hahaha :))

Here's our theme song for that memorable ride:
 What do you do when you've done all you can
And it seems like you can't make it through?
You just stand, you just stand, STAND!!!
Don't you give up!!
Through the storm , through the rain 
Through the hurt , through the pain (FOR REALS!)

Over speed bumps, into ditches, trotting, galloping
But...Still standing!!!! 

Gobble Gobble
Thanksgiving is coming up...Your days are numbered, buddy. 

And this is where the camera battery died :(
But yeah...I took this picture on our 2nd horse ride, sitting on the back of the cart. 
I love this! It's nice and peaceful and quiet out there.
Quite a contrast from where we are. Houses, buildings, and more houses, as far as the eye can see. 

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