Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

The story behind our table decoration:
Gramma sent Grampa to town, telling him to get a nice flower arrangement for the center of the table. 
He comes back with this assortment. We laughed and laughed at his creative-ness. 
The middle piece that looks like a bundle of sticks...
...Because really it is a bundle of sticks. A broom. They sweep the streets here with those. 
Hahaha it looks like a Halloween decoration hahaha!
Elder Wakefield said to make sure and put a picture of it on here, so here tis:

Hayde carrying the beloved brocoli salad. 

Getting ready to give thanks, then pig out :)

Austin told Elder Sis. Wakefield, "This looks like a Grandma's lips."
Bahahah! It's a Chayote...don't know what it is in English. 

Fill 'er up!

Grampa and Nicole

The broom and me

Looking over the bush at the other side of the table. 

 Food fight anyone?


While everyone was eating, Nicole and I went inside and filled all the black olives with uncooked black beans. 

Olives are Grampa's favorite. 
Grampa - "I thought these things didn't have seeds???"

Then Hayde ate one and took the "seed" out and looked at it...and found a bean in her olive. 
Grampa's at the end, "I was wondering why you guys were hanging out around the table, looking suspicious! IT WAS YOU!!!" Hahah :))

Then everyone started throwing the beans that were in the middle of the table. 

Elder Wakefield -- King Flicker of Beans

Then bigger table decorations were getting thrown. 
Hence the flying red chili in the middle of this picture. 

Gramma flickin'. 

Hno. Isai and his son. 

We played this totally fun game called Pass the Ring

Everyone sits in a circle and the ring has to be passed along the string without the person in the middle figuring out who has it. It's sooo fun. We laughed allll the way through it. :))

The ring

Elder Wakefield

Younger Wakefield

Abner and Josias

I am so thankful for all of the people in these pictures. I have a fabulous family here in Mexico. 
Of course my blood family is totally AWESOME, but the rest of these people...
They are my family. I love them so much!

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