Sunday, November 28, 2010

More on Cajeles

Everyone is mad at me because I gave so little info about our trip. So here is some more:
The state of Guerrero, including this little village in Cajeles, are where they grow the plant called Amapola, which is used to make heroin. It is an extremely violent area with very little police protection. 
The pastor told us we needed to leave before 7 pm because anyone out on the streets after 7 is killed by the drug people. 
The people that live across from the pastor make this drug. They go into the forest and cut around the plant. The plant then drips some kind of juice, which is used to make heroin. We didn't have a chance to try any because we had to leave so fast. Just kidding. 
The pastor's wife has lost 3 of her brothers to the drug war and another has been recruited to work for the cartel. Men showed up one day and jumped out of their car, put bags over the heads of the men, and beat them with bats and threw them in the car. They were never seen again. 

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