Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dumplin' in a Pickle

 A little bit ago, I went outside to get the birds and bring them in because it is cold...
I heard this sorta growling noise and I was asking Mattie (the big bird), "Where's Dumplin? Where's Dumplin'? Huh? HUH??" Hahaha :))
I looked down in the bottom of the cage and there he was with his head stuck between the bars. 
I thought he was dead, but then I saw that he was breathing...
So I pulled the bars apart and he popped his little head out. 
Then he did this little weeble-wobble thing :( So I picked him up and brought him inside. 
Here he is:

I've tried to get him to lay back in my hand like this for a LONG time, but he would never let me. Not for treats, not for ANYTHING. But now...hee heee....Here he is doing it! 
He looks pitiful, huh? 
So I wrapped him up in a towel and cuddled with him for a while to warm up his little legs...
Now he is running around the desk, up and over the wires, chirping and blabbing. :)
Ain't he cute!! :))

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