Wednesday, November 17, 2010

First Fund-Raising Venture

 Goodness, I have so much to blog about. This past week has been so long, I honestly don't feel like re-hashing it all on here. Just thinking about it makes me tired. It was good, but just BUSY. 
I'll give a little summary though...

Friday night after youth service we decided that we wanted to eat pancakes. 
Here's Nicole making them...


Us eating...

Then we TPed the only car in our neighborhood that wasn't inside a gate. 
...Just happened to be Elder Wakefield's car...
Guess that's why people shut their cars up... ;)


Then we decided to make cupcakes to sell the next day. 
We have just started fund-raising this past week so are whole youth group can go to Belize in September (ish) for youth camp. (I'm sure I'll be writing more about that later on...)
Very exciting! 

Saturday we went out to sell...
Is is very rare to see cupcakes with frosting in Mexico. 
They were a hit! The people loved them, especially the ladies. 
Their first response was always, "Awwww!!! LOOK!" :))

On our way back home, I balanced our bread basket on my head.
Two miles. I'm talented, huh?

Walking over the bridge..

Then finally, glorious home. 
We walked a total of 7 miles that day. 
By the time camp comes around, we're all going to be tan and SKINNY. Haha :))

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