Sunday, November 28, 2010


Saturday we went to a little town called Cajeles in the state of Guerrero, to visit the church there. 
We had a good church service! It was weird to be sing and hear the preaching while feeling the breeze. 

The ministers...
Bro. Mario (Elder Wakefield's assistant), Bro. Cortez (the pastor of the work in Kajeles), Bro. Kiros (pastors in Acapulco, about 30 minutes from this place), Bro. Wakefield (Dad), and Elder Wakefield (Grampa). 

The pastor's wife

Look at the beautiful trees and the mountains!!

This is how we drove for 5 hours. A little cramped but we had fun!

We had to go down this terrible steep hill to get to the pastor's house. 
So scary :(

Elvira and Hayde
This where the pastor's wife does her laundry and washes her dishes. 

Me and Nicole washing our hands

Looking out the window of their house. A lot of the houses are built up about 3 stories, above everything so the wind can blow in the windows. It gets super hot and humid there and only the rich have air conditioners. 

They grind their corn in this machine and with the dough they make tortillas and tamales and all kinds of other yummy Mexican food. :)

Looking out the window of the house...GREEN!!!

When we were eating this cat came over. I gave him a piece of chicken and from then on he sat my chair meowing constantly. He was all skinny when he first came over, but after we were done his stomach was bulging. Haha :) 


Maribel and Nicole

Nicole caught this picture. Haha!

This thing is telling me I've used up all my space for pictures??!! My 1 GB. I have no idea what that means. I know a GB is unit of measurement for computers but...1 GB per post? Per day? Per blog? Per what? But it won't let me put anymore on here. I gotta investigate. I still have lots more to put up here! 
Ya'll pray for this here blog. 
Or that I figure out how to fix my 1 GB. 

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Charity said...

Hey girl...i owe you an email!! 1 GB means that you used up too much memory...I'm sure you figured that out, hah! 1 gigabyte is alot of memory but you also posted alot of pictures:)

Miss you guys! Email me sometime!

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