Thursday, October 30, 2014

Update on Vianey!

Some of you may remember that this past July, one of the ladies in our church was in the hospital. She went in for a simple surgery, but the doctors messed up, sliced her intestines, and poked her liver. She ended up being in a coma for a month, and was so close to death -- the doctors said she had a 1% chance of survival. But we have a miraculous, awesome God that has come through for Sis. Vianey and has helped her and the family through this hard time! After almost 4 months of being in the hospital, she finally came home a couple weeks ago! Under the supervision of her family she has slowly been working her way back to good health. Sadly, while she was in the hospital, they had to put in a tracheotomy. It had been forever since we had heard her voice, until just a few nights ago when she motioned for her son to cover up the tube of the tracheotomy. She struggled for a while, obviously straining to say something. Tears came to our eyes as we finally we heard her voice, rusty from unuse, say "Sigue orando por mi". (Keep praying for me.) It was such a precious moment.Thank you Jesus for progress! 

Here is Pastor and Vianey's daughter Jasmine at her bedside on the night that she 
said her first words to us.

Last night Pastor brought some pens that he has been working on to show them to Vianey.
^^That is a baby doll in the right hand corner. Not Vianey! LOL^^

Salma, Vianey's granddaughter, was quite excited and enthralled with the pens!

This is Salma's favorite pen, because "it looks like it has glitter in it!" :)

This is my favorite pen as of late. Its a special one... But I'll save the details for another post!  

Please keep Sis. Vianey in your prayers! She is getting better, but she still has a LONG ways to go... Because of being laid up in bed for so long, she lost all muscle. She just now can barely move her hands and can wiggle her feet a little bit. Let's pray for God to heal her, and also bring her family back to the Lord! 



Kathy McElhaney said...

Okay, that doll really threw me for a loop! Thought your dad was praying for it ;)

Will keep Sis. Vianey in our prayers!

Jennifer Connell said...

This really tore at my heart. Prayed for Sis. Vianey! God has kept her alive for a reason and He is able to heal her and make her completely whole! We serve a miracle working God!

Nicole Wakefield said...

Sis. McElhaney - Thank you so much for your prayers. And yes... I had to say something about the doll because Beth and dad thought it looked a little scary:))

Jen - We sure do have an awesome God! Thank you for praying for Vianey.


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