Monday, October 20, 2014

School Update and New Student

Good morning, blogger friends! It is a beautiful day today! It's been pretty rainy over the weekend and very gloomy, but it looks like it's cleared up just in time to start a new school week. 

I just wanted to do a little update on the school. We've finished our first 9 weeks of class and of course, it feels like time has flown! The kids are doing extremely well this year. We couldn't ask for better. They are doing awesome on their weekly exams, no one has had to redo a lesson. They are plowing ahead in math and English - we are a couple of very happy teachers! 
Maestra Nicole teaching English

Another fun bit of news - we've acquired another student! Our very own Mr. Austin! He'd been homeschooling before, but the decision was made that he'd join school to be on our schedule and be with the other boys. He's being doing really well and lately, has been pretty motivated in his work. We finally got him a uniform a couple weeks ago and that was one part he was not very happy about! However, he looks pretty sharp and I think he's adjusted to the white shirt and slacks thing. 

A little side note - Austin has now surpassed all of us girls in height. It's crazy! He's bigger, stronger, and oh boy, does he love hearing this! His voice has completely changed. Sometimes he'll answer the phone and I'll think it's my dad. (Just a few months ago I was confusing his voice with mom or Nicole's - lol!) He's very proud of all these changes...very proud

Fabby - this is a smart little dude. He sure did get the short end of the stick when it comes to family life, but if he just keeps going good in school and coming faithfully with his grandma to church, I think everything is going to be just fine. He's got a tender little heart - I have to remind myself of that on days when he's giving me a hard time - haha! We are praying this boy will get the Holy Ghost soon! 

Bryan - our intelligent and self motivated student. He's is a very easy student to work with! 

Austin - he's really spiced things up since joining the school. Sometimes it's a little to much spice...he got me laughing so hard during school the other day - I couldn't control it. I think because he is my little brother he can give me the giggles easier than anyone else. 

Every Wednesday, the kids read an assigned Bible story and make questions. They quiz each other the next day are able to give out candy for correct answers. They love trying to come up with complicated questions to try and stump each other! If they can accomplish this, they themselves get the point. 

Austin is a part of this as well and does so well with his Spanish! He writes his questions in English and translates them into Spanish as he goes. 

Eddy - he's our baby. He's in 4th grade, but I don't know if he will ever escape this "stigma" - lol! When we met this little guy, he was 2. He looked like a little baby monkey with his big eyes and low hairline. He was adorable!
I usually have soft music playing in the background while the kids work, and the other day I caught this little guy scratching his thighs to the rhythm of a very upbeat gospel song that was playing. So funny! 


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