Monday, October 6, 2014

Sunday School - End of 3rd Quarter Party

This past Sunday was the end of our third quarter of Sunday school. At the end of each 9 weeks, we have a party. We honor the person that won whatever competition we'd been having, honor the kids that have not missed one Sunday, and play a ton of games and have snacks! We knew the kids were very excited about this, but we weren't prepared for how Sunday started....
There was a group of about 10 kids that arrived two hours early!!! TWO HOURS! 
Dad let the kids in the front gate and gave them a soccer ball to play with out front while we finished getting ready. 

After a while, some of us went downstairs to start setting up and getting ready. I got on the piano to run through a couple of songs. I was in my own world and not paying attention to these kids now sitting on the front row, but I stopped playing after a couple minutes and they busted out clapping and shouting, "BRAVO! BRAVO!!" It was hilarious!!! They got more and more amped up with their shouting and clapping when several of them threw themselves on the ground in total "adoration" like this little guy...
Two of these kids are regulars, and the rest were first-time visitors, invited by the 2 regulars. Quite a rowdy bunch! 

Last week we announced there would be a prize for all the kids that learned Psalm 150. 
Our most go-getter kiddos that memorized the chapter! 

Picking their prize

First-time visitors picking their prize from the treasure box

We started out with a puppet show on the oneness.....

...then Sis. Marisol taught the verse. 

The kids picking up the paper fish by suctioning the paper to their straw

The girls won! 
This next game was absolutely hilarious! Shaving cream on the team captains' heads....

...and the goal was to see which team could stick the most cheese balls to their captain's head!

Eliu and Ailyn were our team captains. 

Counting 'em up...
 The boys won by THREE cheese balls!!! 

All the while, somebody was sneaking nachos in the kitchen! Dad came out licking his lips and looking very guilty....he didn't know he had a huge glob of cheese on the front of his shirt. SO FUNNY!! (See the smudge on the left side :)

Next game...toss the tortilla onto your captain's head.
Choyo - the boys' team captain. 

Girls' team captain - Andrea

Tortillas flying everywhere! 

Counting tortillas...

...and the girls won! 

Snack time - nachos! 

Mr. Austin enjoying his food

Last, but not least...the candy rain! Nicole and I went upstairs to throw the candy out the church side windows. 

This is what we found when we came up the stairs :P

We divided the kids up into 2 groups - little kids and big kids. 

I'm sure there were many kids to get knocked in the head with flying one ended up seriously injured, thankfully. 
The treasure-tossers. 


Kimberly Ramos said...

Looks like lots of fun! Thanks for the pictures, I'm going to try the shaving cream/cheese ball game at our Sunday school this week!

Kim Ramos (used to be Garrett:))

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Hi, Kim!! So nice to hear from you! Your Sunday school kids are going to LOVE the cheese ball game!


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