Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Bethany's 24th

Today is Bethany's birthday! 
Yesterday we celebrated it with family, friends, and some good food. 
Gramma outdid herself! She had the house all decorated and an amaaazing meal cooked up, including Beth's favorite - broccoli salad! Everything was delicious. 

Bethany enjoying her food
More good times around the dinner table!
 Elissa being cute! She entertained herself while the adults ate dinner.

The dee-lish birthday cake. (With horrible chicken scratch :))
This is our favorite tres leches cake- It is a vanilla cake with whipped cream and cajeta in between each layer and then covered with the same combination. Its so sweet and rich that your teeth ache from all the sugar. 

Once again Bethany sneaked her mordida while no one was paying attention. Cheater. No one ever lets me get away with that! Every year I end up with cake all over my face and frosting up my nose. I guess I'm just a push over. And I love having fun..... Unlike some other people....

Grampa trying to encourage her to do another mordida :))

Wonderful, amazing layers. Yum

Gramma got this beautiful arrangement for Bethany.

I got Bethany a purse more than a month ago after we had seen it in a store here. I was all smug within myself knowing that I had hit the jackpot. Then about 2 weeks ago, Beth got inspired to look for her dream purse online... The problem was that it was the SAME purse that was quietly hiding in my room. -.- Beth was so sad (and I was so happy) that she was never able to find the exact color and style that she was wanting. 

[There's a really funny story behind buying this purse. As I went to pay for it, my pinky finger somehow got caught on the tea bag string of my Starbucks, and I yanked it off the counter and my piping hot Starbucks tea went all over the display counter, floor, and little gift bags that were hanging there, and all over my skirt and legs. Let me tell you, the saleslady and I were both very shocked... I have never been more embarrassed in my life. I apologized profusely while backing out of the store with my loot, but belatedly realized that with ever step I took I was tracking black muddy footprints all the way out the door.]

The look of joyful surprise on her face it made worth it ALL the pain and embarrassment.

Presents from Mom and Dad

 Gramma and Grampa gave Beth this beautiful guitar!

After dinner and presents, we all settled down in the living room to play some hilarious games!

Grampa vs. Hayde

 Daughter vs. Mother

It looks like Elissa took a selfie with her cookie!

We played a hilarous game....we laughed until we cried. 
The goal is to get the cookie from your forehead to your mouth without using your hands OR letting it drop. 

The winners were Nicole, Mario, and Dad.  

We only have pictures of the guys and me doing it because the other ladies would only play with the promise of NO PICTURES! 

I am brave enough to post this picture :P
 Elissa and the birthday girl!

Thank you (from Beth) to Gramma and Grampa and everybody else for making yesterday such a special day. We love you all very much!



Jennifer Connell said...

Happy Birthday, Beth!! :D
By the way, what is the game you guys were playing with the blanket over the chairs??

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Thank you!
Nicole had prepared boxes with crazy things inside of them...like a balloon with a candy bar in it, a carrot on top of a figurine of the Golden Gate Bridge, a bowl of mini pom poms...really random stuff! So the one person chooses a box that has a random and weird couple of things in it and has to describe what they have. The OTHER person has to guess whether or not they are telling the truth! The crazier the stuff in the box, the funnier the game is!


Jennifer Connell said...

How funny! I love fun game ideas - thanks! :)

Mary Frances said...

That sounds like a FUNNN game!!! Happpppy Birrrrrthday BETHANY!!! I'm sooooooo disappointed you didn't let your sis post that cookie pic of you tho!!! I woulda posted mine!!! LOL Can't wait to see you at WCC girrrrrrrrrl!!! Woooooooooohoooooooooooo!!!

Cherie Marchbanks said...

Elisa does look SO much older!!

I'm glad you had such a good birthday - I love you!

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

@Mary - I don't even think there WAS a pic of me playing that game! NO PICS ALLOWED! :P
Can't wait to see you either!

@Cherie - I wish you could see her in real life. You'd be astounded! And her curly little head of hair....*sigh*
I love you too!


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