Monday, October 13, 2014

Field Trip to La Laguna

Good morning, everybody! Let me start off by saying thank you to everybody that made my birthday special last week! It started on Monday and continued on until the end of the week. Comments on the blog, texts, emails - even a surprise Starbucks gift card! After school on Tuesday, I brought my stuff to the house, dumped it on my bed and as I was walking back down the hall, Abner walked in my front door...surprise! And he brought presents..woo hoo! We spent the rest of the day until prayer meeting having a jam session. It was a fun day! Unfortunately, no one thought to take any pictures :(  

Later that night, I came home to find a surprise from my mom on my dresser....A Christmas tree of Yakults! If you've never tried one of these, you are truly missing out on a piece of heaven. They are really good. They sell them here at Sam's and Costco in flats of about 50 - it's been on my birthday wish list since I was around eight years old - ha! This year, on my 24th birthday, that dream finally came true! Haha! 

Now to the real meat of the post.....

Friday we had our first field trip of the year! We went to the Laguna de San Baltazar - one of me and Nicole's favorite places in Puebla. It is beautiful! We went with Elder Wakefield's school so the kids could all play and visit and have fun together. 

These girls are the cutest little things ever. They ran around all day holding hands and chattering in their high pitch voices. It was adorable. 

Eliana and Cheyenne

Discussing Grampa's pen

We sat down to eat lunch and immediately were surrounded by ducks. 

The kids played on the slide...

...and Elissa was tickled pink watching them! 

Gramma sent a was heavenly! 

Grampa and Elissa having a little chat

The kids also got to ride in the row boats. They did an awesome job paddling! (It's not as easy as you might think. It takes skill, strength, and coordination!) 

Funny story:
Grampa was watching the little girls while the older boys went to go on the boats. They were walking around the trail, on their way to the boats. He says he looked away for a second to talk to Nicole then looked back and the girls had disappeared. He looked all around him and started to panic. An old man sitting on a bench asked him if they were his granddaughters and said they'd ran off "that way". He ran off in that direction....all of this was happening and we had no idea.

All I knew is the girls got back to our picnic spot by themselves and I asked them, "Did you girls ride the boats?"
Their only response was to look at me with wide eyes.
A minute later Grampa got back, huffing and puffing, looking like he got his feathers ruffled.

Through some heavy breathing, he explained how the girls had escaped and that he'd caught up with them as they were running back to our picnic spot. He was quite upset with the girls for running off, especially with him thinking they could've possibly fallen in the lake. I'm sure the girls had never seen their pastor so annoyed. Having been my Grampa's granddaughter for a few years now,  I found his reaction to be very funny - he loves these girls and they know it, but it is a scary thing to be on the receiving end of his wrath! I sympathized with Grampa, but found myself feeling very merciful towards Cheyenne and Eliana as well.
Escorting the wandering little boogs out of the park - they were sentenced to holding Pastor's hand for the rest of the day :) 


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