Wednesday, October 22, 2014

New Family & Good Church

A couple weeks ago, Elder Wakefield's assistant pastor, Bro. Mario, came to preach for us. We always look forward to this, as we love the Garcia family, and so does our church! Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of him preaching, but here are the few we took from that Sunday...

Dad taught the Sunday school lesson to the kids - see our new decor?

Beatriz fell asleep in Sunday school and when Nicole picked her up, she started kicking her leg like crazy, signaling she wanted her shoes taken off :P 

Elissa clapping and hollering :)
Austin and Bryan praying
Jerameel almost got the Holy Ghost that Sunday, and again was soooo close last Sunday! 

She just cries and cries and is so is so touching! 

This is the family I talked a little about last week. They started coming because of Sunday school outreach. Their mom would come with them and stay for Sunday school, then they would all leave right after and not stay for the regular service. One Sunday, I asked Carmen (the mom) about her background. Turns out, she had previously attended some sort of Pentecostal church in the past and she and Jerameel had been baptized in Jesus' name! I asked her if she'd ever received the gift of the Holy Ghost and she sort of hem-hawed around and said she wasn't really sure. After that, we both went inside to start service. (By this time the family had started staying for the main service).

During the song service, Carmen really started worshiping. She was very demonstrative, waving her arms all around, shouting "Yes, Lord! Thank you, Jesus!" It was so awesome to see!! Dad went over to her and as soon as he put his hand on her head, she burst out speaking in tongues and shouting in the Holy Ghost! It was the most exciting thing we had seen in a long time! It was so real and she had such joy and Holy Ghost fire in her!

After church, I went over to her and asked, "What happened to you in the service?!!" She replied, "I wasn't sure if I had the Holy Ghost before, but tonight I got my confirmation!"

Now, Carmen is the church firecracker. It is not uncommon for her to bust out speaking in tongues in the middle of the preaching, and she is always at the altar praying with her girls. We could not be more happy for them! Pray that they continue to grow and learn and get roots in this church! Carmen's husband isn't interested in the things of God so pray that God would get a hold of him. I am sure that in a service very soon, Jerameel will get the Holy Ghost. When she does, I will let you all know!


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Mary Frances said...

AWESOME!!! God is SOOOO GOOOOOD!!! I love reading about the souls!!!

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