Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Okay, okay I give! Uncle! LOL. 
Well guys, I'm so glad that we could provide you with a bit of humor (at my expense), and I almost don't want to stop the fun... But I have been absent from this little blog for a while. I just checked and it has actually been almost a month since I have talked to you all. How shameful!

Anyways. Down to business.

Something very special has been taking place here in our church and school!

A while back, because of a few different situations going on in the church, Pastor got inspired about helping our people to be able to work for themselves, on their own time, and maybe make a little bit more than the meager amount that they usually have to survive on. Mexico has some hard working people in it, but there is no ladder of success for them to climb. 
The last time he was in the U.S. he gathered together all the tools he would need for his idea and spent some time with men that knew how to do some amazing work.

Since this school year started Pastor has been teaching the school boys and some others in the church how to make beautiful, hand crafted pens.

These are blocks of wood or resin that are ground down into the shape of the pen.

Pastor teaching them how to cut a hole in the center of the wood block.

Teaching something else.... :)) 
Forgive me, I don't know the lingo of this whole penmaking deal haha.

Safety first! Always have to use goggles!

Bryan is doing very good in penmaking.

Eliu and Joni come over on Fridays after school to work with Pastor on the pens.

Eliu and his finished pen!

This is the very first pen that was made! We planned on selling it in the states, but as soon as we showed it to Elder Wakefield, he loved it so much that he bought it. So it seems the very first claim to fame pen from Puebla is staying in the family down here!

If any of you want to buy the second, third, or fiftieth pen, Missionary Wakefield will be in the U.S. and is going to be at West Coast Conference with a load of pens! 

They really are quite beautiful...

 These are my favorite. 
They're called bullet pens. 
These would be an AWESOME Father's Day gift... I'd buy one for mine, but... you know. 

 This is Eliu's pen. Unfortunately it is not for sale, but isn't it pretty?

Pastor and the boys will be working hard on making more pens to sell before he flies out in November, but there will be a limited amount, so if you're wanting one keep an eye out for the Wakefields-- maybe you can catch him in the parking lot and get first dibs! :))



Amanda Diaz said...

Love those pens! They are beautiful.....your dad needs to hold a few so my parents can buy some in December!lol ;)

P.S. Good to hear from you, Nicole!

Kristen said...

This is really cool, I love it! An Elder here in Tulsa also makes pens. For a graduation gift he made me a seam ripper, and I love it! Just an idea, if you didn't know about it already. I can send you a pic if ya'll are interested in it!

Ya'll are awesome, maybe someday we will actually meet. :) Lord Bless!

Kristen from Tulsa. :)

Jennifer Connell said...

How COOL, for lack of a better word! I love these! Yo quiero! How much is he selling them for - same price or different prices? I'll have to hunt him down! :)
And yay for you posting!

Michael Gonzales Jr said...

Hey! Roughly about how much will they cost so I can plan to buy a couple at west coast? Super excited cause j am a huge pen fan!!

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

@Amanda - He is constantly making them with the boys...I'm sure he'll have a bunch to show your dad in a few months!

@Kristen - I think that is such a great idea! I'll definitely pass that idea along. I would love to see a pic! My email is
Thanks for commenting - I hope to meet you as well!

@Jen, @ Michael - He has a LOT of different kinds...I asked him the prices and he said they start at $20 and go up to $100.
They are really cool!


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