Wednesday, October 15, 2014

New Pastor in Mexico City

Such awesome news! For the past month or so, this has been in the works and it is so exciting! Bro. Isai (Elder Wakefield's piano/drum/bass/guitar/sound man) and his family have moved to Mexico City to assume the pastorate of the church there. We are so very, very excited for them and the church! We love this family so much - Bro. Isai Garcia and his wife, Elvira, have been a huge help to my grandparents for the past 4 years. They are hard workers and prayer warriors. They will be missed and their absence will be felt, but I am happy they are only moving about an hour and half away! (Instead of across the country or something!) 

Saturday was their installation and ordination service. A bunch of us went over to show our love and support. 
Elder and Sis. White from Burbank, CA were so thoughtful to send an arrangement of flowers for the pastor and family! 

The Garcia family

Cheyenne and Eliana (the little escapees from the previous post!)

Nicole and Abner and I did the music -
Things were very squooshed up there. I was scared Abner was going to accidentally toss one of his drumsticks while he was playing and hit me in the eye. Thankfully, that did not happen and everything flowed smoothly! 
Elder Wakefield preached - The new pastor's responsibilities, the pastor's wife's responsibilities, and the responsibilities of the saints. It was so good! He had us laughing one second....
Telling the story of a crazy man he met in an insane asylum

...and the next second, I was bawling my eyes out. 
He pulled a bag of dirt out from under the altar and dumped it in Isai's hands. 

When people talk badly of you, when there are problems, remember - you're just dirt. Made from dirt and will return to dirt. You don't need to defend yourself, just defend the Word of God. 

Isai was anointed with oil..
...and the preachers gathered around to pray for him. 
After that, the new pastor got up and talked to his people. 

The new pastor and his wife and the former pastor and wife!
After church, we wiped our eyes and put on brave faces - it was time to eat and fellowship! 
The church in Mexico city had prepared a delicious meal. They served us as we sat around the table and made googly eyes at Elissa. 

At one point, Elissa's stomach decided it was not happy with the chicken it was being fed - resulting in an oufit change and a lot of "oohs" and "ahhs" over Elissa's soft, chubby little thighs - lol! 

Elissa had the time of her life watching the little kids running around. She was jumping and hollering, having so much fun being around her cute little cousins. 

Just a fraction of the Garcia family. All of the men in this picture are preachers! Pretty amazing! 
Congratulations to the Garcia family! We are excited to see the things God is going to do in Mexico City! 


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