Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Homemaking with Honeycomb

A few days ago a lady came by our house selling raw honeycomb! Believe it or not I'd never seen actual honeycomb in real life haha. It is amazingly beautiful!

 Our construction workers spotted this lady down on the street and excitedly came downstairs to crowd around the honey wheel barrow :))

Everyone wanted their share!

Valentin holding his panal (honeycomb)

I was downstairs in class working with the boys, so I didn't know that this lady was out front until dad came into the school holding this! I was amazed, so I ran outside to snap a few pictures to share with you all.

After school, I finally got my hands on this treasure and quickly disassembled it haha.
Once I got it all out of it's little wooden frame, I weighed it and it came out to be 2 1/2 pounds!!!
For only 75 pesos! With the current exchange rate that's almost 6 bucks. I'd say thats a good deal.
Holding the honeycomb in my hands made me feel very inspired.. I had many plans for this honeycomb. Among my plans was to make lipgloss from the beeswax! 

But things got messy. Pots may have gotten ruined. (Sorry mom!) HAHA. 
And quickly my new found desire to be a beekeepers wife faded away. LOL. But before all my inspiration left me, I was able to finish the lipgloss idea. I had an empty eos container, so I put my mixture of beeswax, coconut oil, and honey into the little pod and left it to firm up... It turned out to be a great success! I felt like such a homey little homemaker! 
^Miraaa homemade Eos!^
I now know what to do if I end up living in the desert, with dry lips, and no chapstick stores anywhere around... Just as long as there is honeycomb available. And a stove. And pots. 
....Otherwise, my powers are rendered useless. :)

My favorite breakfast of late is honeycomb & yogurt. Yum!
If you haven't ever tried honeycomb, go out and buy some! It's delicious!



Courtney Tarpley said...

Wow! I am definitely going to try this!! Thanks for the Idea!

Trenton Bundy said...

My family and I are beekeepers from Bro. Howard's church in Tulsa, OK. This was interesting to see and yes $6 is cheap for 2.5 pounds of honey. We enjoy reading the blog, keep it up!.

Mary Frances said...

That behive looks GROSS...I'm feeling nautious looking at it!!! I didn't even know you could eat that!!!Ewwwww!!!

Nicole Wakefield said...

Courtney - I'm glad you liked the post! But beware, the melted wax really does ruin whatever it touches. :)

Trenton - That is so neat! Thanks for the info! It's nice to know that we got a good deal. Thanks for commenting!

Mary - You offend me! LOL. Just keep in mind that God designed this! :)) Oh and you don't eat ALL of it like the wax. Just the honey inside!

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