Tuesday, November 11, 2014

28 Wonderful, Screaming Kids

It seems that every time the pastor and family is away, and we're short on adults,  we get the most packed out!! One of these times we had almost 40 kids.... Well, this Sunday was one of those crazy days! We didn't have 40, but the 28 kids that we did have were enough to keep us on our toes! We love having Sunday school with this bunch of kiddos!

Sis. Elvira started us off with a lively round of "Give me a 'J'! Give me an 'E'! Give me an 'S'!....... Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!" as they jumped up and down! 
(This specific Sunday's lesson was on baptism/oneness, so every activity emphasized the wonderful name of Jesus!)

Next, they went with Sis. Bella and learned how when we sin, our hearts become dirty, but with baptism Jesus washes the dirt and sin all away!

Clean hearts all around!

Here are the kids decoding the memory verse!

Cutie pies lined up to quote the verse

Bro. Baltazar teaching the lesson about John the Baptist

Rosaura Belen answering a review question for her team

 Merienda - snack time!

Ismael and Armando enjoying their jello

Sis. Francis (or Franny as we affectionately call her :) hands out the candy every Sunday after class! 


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