Monday, November 10, 2014

Spider Scare

The other day I was on the phone with Beth... 
(For those who don't know, I'm-way e-thay only-way one-way in-way y-may ouse-hay ! :D)
The amily-fay ent-way to est-way oast-cay! Ay-yay! LOL.

BUT this was about a week ago, so dad was downstairs working away on his pens. I was sitting at our dinner table just chatting away on Voxer with Beth. My chatter suddenly stopped, and screaming started when I looked up into the entryway and saw THIS:
(It's actually quite funny. I was able to go back to the message I was recording and listen to myself freak out :)))))

I. Hate. Spiders. More than almost anything else in the world of flora and fauna. 

I screamed, cried, and paced around not knowing quite what to do. I ended up yelling down to dad to "Come up!!!" Which he did very quickly, thinking there was an emergency. I don't know about you guys, but to me this classifies an emergency. He grabbed some raid and sprayed away at the monster until he fell off of the wall, dazed and confused. By that time I had mostly recovered, though my hands were still shaking a little from the adrenaline rush. I may be deathly afraid of these things, but I also was veeery curious to see this spider upclose and un-squashed. So as he fell to the ground, I was there waiting with a plastic jar to scoop him to safety! 

Of course, I immediately googled him and came up with... not much. Things could have been a lot more exciting if I would have found out that he was the most poisonous spider in Mexico! ...or something like that haha. Maybe one of you readers know what kind of spider this is... The pictures that matched up the closest with this one were brown recluses. But I'm not sure!

But anyways... I watched him until he took his last breath. After spending his last hours together, I really did feel sad when he died. But I'd rather have him dead than in my bed. 
:D I'm a poet.

Until next time,


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Hayde said...

Estabas muy espantada y le tomaste fotos?????

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