Monday, November 24, 2014

Headed Home... (Longest Day of My Life)

On one of my last days in the States, we went over to visit with the Wheelers. Elder Wheeler turns pens, like my dad, and he had some wood he wanted to give my dad. Us ladies stayed inside the warm house chatting and sipping hot tea. 

The day I was to fly home, my parents and Austin were going to be flying out as well to preach somewhere else. So we all got to sit and wait for our planes together. It warmed my heart when Austin reached over and grabbed my hand. :) 

I had a little bit of a weird flight schedule going back home. Sacramento to Denver to Houston to Puebla. The Denver thing was out of the ordinary, but no big deal...I was to be getting home at the same time as usual. (The Puebla airport is small and only has planes leaving and arriving at certain times in the morning and night). 

When we touched down in Denver, I was absolutely shocked to see white...everywhere! 

I was so excited - I thought this was the most perfect way to end such a wonderful trip! I sat in front of the huge windows overlooking the runway eating a bagel and sipping a smoothie...I thought, "Oh man, this is the life!" HA! Little did I know how terribly my day was about to go...

I sat watching the snow fall for a couple of hours. In this picture there is another terminal across the way, but you can't see it for the snow falling and the planes stirring up the fallen snow. 
After a while, United changed my gate. I got to that gate, which was all the way across the terminal, and they changed it again. And again. And again....FOUR TIMES! When they finally settled on a gate, they decided to start delaying the flight. That happened 7 times. No joke. 
When we finally got on the plane, I crashed. I'd gotten no sleep the night before because I'd stayed up packing and then left for the airport at 2am. 
I fell asleep for two hours, but when I awoke WE WERE STILL SITTING ON THE RUNWAY! 
I wanted to cry and cry and cry - exhaustion and frustration - not a good mix haha! 
Turns out, they had to de-ice the planes. There was a very long waiting line of waiting planes. 

I ended up missing my flight to Puebla and instead opted for a flight going to Mexico City that night. 
In Mexico, I found out my luggage was still in Houston. Of course. 
From Mexico, I took a bus to Puebla. Elder and Sis. Wakefield picked me up at the bus station at 3am and took me to their house...I slept sooo hard that night...ahhh :) 

In the words of a friend..."It sounds like Denver was amazing and a pain." Oh so true...



Anonymous said...

Our dear Beth,what a day!! You passed well the test of endurance, frustration, and, uncertainty. We were worried about you being stuck but your mom is good at pulling things together,and getting that flight for you! Yeah!!! I was so relieved when we saw you face to face.

Kathy McElhaney said...

LOVE the Wheelers! Such awesome people. Also loved seeing your parents and Austin on Sunday. Somebody needs to put bricks on Austin's head so he'll stop growing so much ;)

Flying with connecting flights is so stressful. Glad you survived and made it home safely!

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