Thursday, November 20, 2014

West Coast Conference 2014

I know when people blog about conferences, a lot of the time they will say, "this was the best year yet!" I've probably done this. This was my third year in a row going to West Coast, but I can say without a doubt that this was the best year yet. From the preaching to the altar services, to the songs, fellowship, and fun - everything was absolutely outstanding. Really, I don't have the words to tell how each message moved me. I am so grateful I was able to attend WCC this year! 

I also would like to say a special thank-you to Cherie, Stephanie, Caleb, Jacob, and Kassia for the pictures I am posting today. I took only one pictures the entire WCC and it was of my face - showing Nicole at 4am how tired I was - hoping to get some sympathy while I was locked out of my room. (Don't worry, I won't post it :) 

So here goes...hopefully in chronological order! 

Bro. Wesley Jackson preached the first night
Tradition - Cheesecake Factory the first night!
The classic picture in front of the water fountain, except it was not running...

Bro. Townley - one of the day speakers

Giovanni wooing the crowds

Lunch at Panera

Cherie and Lindsey - my dear friends! 

Cherie and I

The minister's dinner on Thursday night - me, Cherie, Coco, Cara, Stephanie, Jen, Johnny, Andrew, Keith, Hanna, Mikey, and unnamed dude.
Quote of the night: "You just spit on my knuckle AND my bread!" (Cherie and Cara talking over Coco's plate - HAHA!) 

Starbucks on Friday morning...just we what all needed! 

Guess who's having a babyyyy!! Kassia! Yayyyy! :)) 

Friday night...the last service. It flew by so quickly! 

Coco so generously shared the caramel apple the candy people gave him. YUM! 

Counter clock-wise starting at me...Jacob, Andrew, Denae, Cherie, Cara, Johnny, and Keith. 

Cherie and I sharing a Pazookie

Breakfast Saturday morning...*yawn*...makes me sleepy just looking at us! 

Entertainment before leaving Saturday morning

I'd given Cherie a book of poetry - all of us girls just absolutely adore this writer. Austin and Bro. Bray got ahold of it though, and put a whole new spin on it! They weren't too impressed by it...BUT....

...Elder Frazier got ahold of it and gave his stamp of approval! Can't argue with the man of God! :) 

An elevator pic! 

Hilarious panorama pic

Saying goodbye to the soon-to-be-mommy :) 

WCC officially ended with one last lunch at Castillo's 



Cherie Marchbanks said...

So glad you came, and so happy for all the memories we made! This WAS the best year yet!

Jennifer Connell said...

'twas lovely seeing thee otra vez. Hahaha! Glad you made it back safely as well! :)

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