Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas Eve

Sooo.... What in the world does that black picture mean?
(And yes, to all of you who clicked on it hahaa, it really was just a black picture!!)
Well to explain it, I'll tell you all a little story.
On Christmas Eve, the Wakefield family members were busy setting up tables, baking bread, making chocolate covered peanut butter balls, coconut bonbons, and getting every little thing in perfect order for the Christmas Eve party to be had at our house. Every one would be showing up at our house at 7 pm... And what happened at around 6pm?
We suddenly lost all power in the house.

Now, this happens quite often enough here, and usually the lights will come back on after 10 or 15 minutes... Well, we called Sis. Gramma to warn her that we might need to switch locations, and then we finished up what we could in the quickly fading daylight.
Around 6:30 we ran out of light and time. It was pitch black when we started packing up everything to take it over to the grandparents.
We dug up some flashlights and began a sweep through the house, grabbing baked goods, coats, electronics, and anything else we didn't want stolen, just in case someone got the idea to take advantage of the power outage and have a party at the gringo's house while they were out. LOL.
The last of the fading light through the front window.

We finally got to the grandparent's and the fun began... We ate. But we can never seem to remember to take a picture of that :))
Then we sat around in the living room, talked, laughed, had fun, opened presents, and dressed up the grampa as Santa Claus.

The finished product....
What he really ended up looking like was like he was at the barber shop hahaa.
Beth and Santa!

Then we opened presents... 
Abner looking all debonaire :)))
More presents...

Sometimes its funner to watch the looks on people's faces when they open their presents, than to open your own. Haha. Austin is a crack up.

I just found out that most of the fireworks that we do here are against the law in the U.S.... Crazy! But no surprise I guess-- Some of these are like little sticks of dynamite!!
The men suddenly turn into excited kids when get these things going :))
What did I say....
Hahahahaaha :)))
Someone got tired of lighting the firecrackers one at a time...
These ones aren't to crazy. They just pop and shoot sparks a bit.

But then, there are some that do a LOT more! These are the fun ones!
And then there's the bombs that set of car alarms when they explode :D
These definitely provide lots of awesome pictures...

And lastly, a word to the wise. If you value your life (or your hair), don't even give me the chance to light a firecracker... Something happens when I see a lit firework in my hand, and I throw it immediately, anywhere just to get the thing away from me... Which this time just happened to be Bethany's head. LOL. Exciting stuff. :)))
^Armed and dangerous :))^
Well, thats it for Christmas Eve! More to come later... We have so much to post about, that its not even funny. Its just a matter of finding the time to do it!!
and also...
Happy New Year to all of our friends and readers! We wish you a wonderful year... May God bless you all.

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