Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Baby Ximena

Just recently we acquired a new addition to the church family-- A beautiful little baby girl. Ximena. (Ximena is pronounced Hee-meh-na.) Little Ximena, with the big brown eyes.

We had a little party to celebrate her birth and just to have a good time with all of the ladies of the church. And we did have a good time! A good time with good food!
(Food not pictured ;P)

And of course no party is complete with out cake!
Coconut & strawberry cake with strawberry & coconut buttercream. The fresh strawberry frosting was amazing. I must say, I outdid myself. Hahahaa:))

Yes, no party is complete with out cake-- So when one is allergic to cake what does she do?
She makes little matching special gluten-free cupcakes!
I sure did feel like I was breaking rules eating this...!! 
Bethas being a good little helper :))
Ximena and her sister Nayeli.

After eating food, we played some baby shower games.
The clothes pin game....
Lordy this game might sound boring, but with the right people this game can get downright hilarious!
Sis. Mom started off to show the ladies how it was done.
The point of the game is to see how many clothes pins you can get in one hand, while you keep your other hand behind your back... Drop one, you lose.
This woman right here is one of my favorite ladies. Rocio is smart and she's hilarious.
(Read her story here.)
Momma's turn!
Can you believe, the woman with the smallest hands (not pictured) actually won! 14 pins in one hand.... Crazy... And guess who came in 2nd? Hehe meee :)) 13 pins... And boy was it painful! Haha.
Another game we played that involved a LOT of presents... Too much to explain, but we had fun!
Okay, okay, so we sat in a circle and Sis. Mom read a Bible story and each time the word "la" (feminine of "the") was mentioned, each lady had to pass their present to the left.
Hilarity did ensue.
Some ladies didn't want to lose their pretty package, and others just couldn't grasp the instructions of the game, which made for much laughter...
Cake time!
And, the beautiful layers inside.
Even though I knew what I had put into the cake, I was still so excited to cut a piece to see what it looked like!! It's like opening a present :)) Though there's always that thought in the back of my mind, "Did I take out the pieces of wax paper from in between the layers...?" LOL.
This is a cute little diaper wreath that Sis. Mom found on the internet and made! It turned out so cute!


Hermana Francis!

:)) I like a little cake with my frosting.

And, lastly, Momma and Ximena with the other women in the family.
There's not one boy in this family! Poor dad is always outnumbered. :))
Alejandra, Daniela, and Nayeli

Well. I'll just skip all the "I know this post is late, I'm so lame" speech... Hahaha.
I actually have a very good reason for why this post was not put up a few days ago--
Here's a hint:

Yup. Maybe some of you can guess what that means :))

I'm gone now! Either me or Beth will be on here very soon with more to say about the above picture, some Christmas pictures, and also a very special announcement!! Eeek!! We are so excited.....

Hope you all had a wonderful past few days...



Dallas and Dakota's Mom said...

The cake looked absolutely amazing!

Jess said...

Um. I have no guesses for that black picture... Lol. Love the name, Ximena! But she sure does not have a baby face, does she! That's a older kid's face on a tiny baby haha!

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