Monday, December 10, 2012

Car Show Field Trip

I'm sitting here in class...Nicole is gone because she had to go get her passport renewed. So I'm all alone. It's pretty easy taking care of the school alone......................except for I have had the WORST case of the giggles all day. I mean.....I have nooo idea why?!?!?! I didn't even eat breakfast so it's not because I ate too much sugar. Also, there are flies everywhere. It's driving me up a wall!!
So...the kids are being pretty unruly...talking and laughing when they're supposed to be working. I've already punished a couple of them, but it's really hard to be serious and punish with a huge grin on my face!! I've had to bury my face in my arms twice because I just can't control my laughter. 

I'm laughing while I type all this...hope the kids don't look over here...
Ok so...on with today's blog post!! 

This past weekend, we took the boys on a field trip to a car show. My dad and I had gone last year and really enjoyed it. I think I was more excited than they were--ha!

The kids from the the elder Wakefield's school also came, which means Abner was there! He and I had a great time going from car to car, getting in and getting our picture taken.

It kinda gives an adrenaline rush, hopping in and out of these beautiful antique cars...

 1957 Chevy Bel Air

Nicole's dream car...

My Grampa learned to drive in one of these cars! A 1931 Ford Model A!

 Soooooo cute! I love the seats!

I think they were trying to get a picture with the car behind them?? Whoops. 

 Totally dreamy Mustang...*sigh*


Ugliest statue ever!!!!!!!

I actually have a LOT more pictures of these totally awesome classic cars...but I don't want to bore you all! This blog post was actually supposed to be more about the field trip than the actual cars, but the cars just were way too cool--they sorta took over.
I have to get off here because I think it's the pictures of the cars that's making me laugh. 
They just give me a thrill.



Dacia Loa said...

Ahhh, Bethany!!! The cars really do look great! I can see why they were making you laugh ... I think ... no, I don't. o_O

Jennifer Connell said...

Ahaha!! Funny because I can relate to the laughter thing. I have those days as well and it can be quite embarrassing! And about that statue, very odd! Is the horse missing its body? lol

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