Wednesday, December 19, 2012

School Store!

Hello, hello, hello, and hello again!
Isn't it a bee-aa-uutiful day!!!
-Ricky McLean
Well that quote right there pretty much sums up how I'm feeling this morning! It is a beautiful day!
I'm on the 5th day of the school's winter break, and it's wonderful. (Yes, we still have a school! Hahaa.) And this post is to give a little update on it!
Here are just a few pictures of our boys doing school on Friday.

Sometimes, while dealing with this little guy's quirks (somewhere along the line he suffered a midlife crisis or something and got to thinking that he didn't have to go to the bathroom to do his business...) and with trying to think of different ways to teach something so that it will stick in his brain, I get a tad overwhelmed... but if I just sit back after mopping up his pee off the floor, and think about how far he's come, (because he really has improved a LOT!), I feel so much better. After 4 months of school, my little student can count to 20, write and say his alphabet, read 2-syllable words, do simple addition and subtraction, and his penmanship is improving.
There is hope hahaha. Ahi vamos poco a poco.
Moral of the story: Pull-ups are a teacher's lifesaver.

This boy is a hard worker and perfectionist.

He is our little daydreamer. At any given time in the day, you can catch him slumped in his seat, staring off into the wild blue yonder dreaming about who knows what... Something much more interesting than his schoolwork, I'm sure. :)
All together now...
Since we use the sanctuary as the school during the week, every Friday we have to pack up everything... Beth and I dream of the day when at the end of a week of school, we can leave everything in it's designated place and leave with just locking up.
And this past Friday was a special Friday!! Last day of school before break and store day!! Every week, Pastor gives the boys a few verses to memorize and each Friday they say their verses. For every verse they memorize, they get a little bit of school cash! Sooo exciting! :)
Well, we let them accumulate their money (they also get money for good behaviour, getting a 100 on a test, and lose money for not handing in homework, or cheating on a test, etc...). After a couple of months of this, we set up the school store!! It is a very exciting day for the boys.
Here they are, with all their money out, counting to see who has what...

After we set the store up, they lined up at the door

And voila! :)) Nothing here that I'm especially attracted to, but hey, I'm a girl!
We had plenty of cars, guns, motorcycles, and action figures, and even a pair of handcuffs! 

I stationed myself at one end of the table to play cashier...
(Ummm, me? Me handling money?? Believe me, if it were real money, Beth would be handling it hahaha. I am not known for my skillZ in counting money! LOL :)))

And Bethany got herself a gun and made sure no one tried to shoplift any goods!

 Store day is pretty fun for me too.... I love seeing the boys' faces light up when they see all the toys!

And when little Eddy ran out of money, I saw him lean on his older brother Bryan, and look over his shoulder longingly at aaaallll the cool toys... Eddy whispers something to Bryan, and I hear him say "Ayyy ya no me alcanza para esoooo!!" "I don't have enough for that!!"
Eddy keeps us entertained :))
My little guy has yet to be inspired to learn his weekly verses, so sadly he was severely lacking in funds... LOL. His brothers had mercy on him though, and bought him some toys.. Which actually defeats the purpose of motivating him to learn his texts... But hey, I can't complain about kindness. ;P

And that, my dear readers, is all for today! Tune in later for more news with the Wakefields... We had a baby shower for a new little baby in our church, had a really fun party, and actually took a lot of pictures! So that will be up in the next few days.
(You know I'm jinxing myself when I say that there's a certain post coming up!!! Its like when a blogger says "I promise to be a good blogger from now on" ....and then suddenly you never see another post from them again! Hahaha.)
I hope you all have a wonderful day!

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