Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Year's Celebration

There is something beautiful about a firecracker. It gives me a thrill deep down in my soul, just to think about them. On New Years, we all went over to the grandparents to celebrate. Between the 4 families gathered, we had a truckload of fireworks. It was awesome!!!! 

Here is my bunch of 'em...The black ones are called "Sonrisa del Diablo"--Devil's Smile. These are incredibly loud. The next ones down, the white ones, are called Canyones. These are flat out BOMBS! When they explode you feel the impact of the explosion, it could almost knock you over.
The colorful triangles are just loud firecrackers. Loud, but not too bad.
Just looking at these make me happy.

Nicole is a dangerous one to be lighting fireworks. It is hilarious because she panics and throws it as fast as she can, aiming for nothing imparticular. I almost lost my forehead once.

Sonrisa del Diablo! 
This one and the Canyones would make the car's alarms go off when they exploded..haha!

 A cloud of smoke in the street from a firecracker

Making an even bigger explosion!

Me and Abner

Tio Mario, Dad, Grampa

Happy New Year!!

Praying the new year in

On our way home, we saw this horse and buggy going thru a busy intersection. And if that was not enough, they were pulling a little girl on a bicycle!


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Kathy McElhaney said...

These 2 posts back to back made me laugh. Anger over fireworks, then exploding your own!! LOL!

Happy New Year to y'all!

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