Monday, January 28, 2013

Highway 99

Good morning!
Here's another Austin update for you all!
He's still in the states, and all is going well. There have been in a few setbacks in the time frame we had set up for this trip, but really-- what's new. :P
Austin is still reading the Bible!
This week he chose to do it on Highway 99! :))
And this week we have a recording! Austin is such a trooper-- even when his mean sister made him record his passage a stinkin' second time!! I'm horrible, I know... But my magical powers don't reach into the realm of transferring voxer recordings to the computer...
And right now all you technical geniuses might be thinking, "Hello! Use your mic to record it off of your phone, Nicole!".
Yeah. Well. After doing just that I found out that my mic has a little person living right next to it, and after a couple minutes of the recording,  they decide to start crumpling plastic candy wrappers right next to to the mic, so that you couldn't even hear Austin talking! Imagine that.....
Sooo with a little bribing we got Mr. Austin to record for a 2nd time, but using a different program...
So here he is, with Matthew 19:23-30
Click on the link!
I love it when he gets so into his reading, sounding like a little preacher, and then messes up by starting to guess words. :))
Okay so the neat little widget isn't working inside the post, but thankfully Blogger will let me put it on the sidebar! So look to the right and you'll see the player right underneath Austin's picture!
Much easier!

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Kathy McElhaney said...

Great job, Austin! Especially since *someone* was crumbling plastic candy wrappers the first time! LOL!!

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