Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Anger Management on Christmas Morning

And here we are with the continuation of our Christmas holiday... Christmas Eve we got home very late. (Or early) Something like 2 am. We were all exhausted and ready for a goooood night's sleep.
Did we get one?
No. Not really. Bethany and Austin were the only 2 that had a good night's sleep.
Those of us lucky ones that sleep near the front of the house did not sleep at all. I will just admit that I woke up very, very angry. I honestly can say that I have never in my life felt such animosity towards the world on that Christmas morning. Something about atleast one huge bomb going off atleast every 5 minutes really makes a person grumpy. And around 7 am, when I finally could no longer handle he explosions, I dragged myseld out of bed. I even got myself to thinking that maybe, just maybe I had had a bad dream about being in the middle of a war zone. That it was just my imagination that I woke up almost every hour to the sound and shaking of explosions.
Until I looked out the front window.
We happen to have some very lovely neighbors that don't really care for us, or the church.
Trash on a street in Mexico... Big deal. Mexico always has trash, right?
But no. Not on our street. Our street is usually fairly clean.
This is the left overs of an all-night party of throwing bombs on the gringos church/house.
All the little paper? Its all from exploded fireworks, firecrackers, mini bombs...
"Hey-- Even better! Let's throw the fireworks inside the gated in patio!!"
Now, when firework-bombs are thrown into the gated-in area of the downstairs area, it has this really cool effect of practically lifting the house off of the ground and making everyone in it feel like its WWIII. With everything being made with cement, the sound of an explosion is not absorbed, but amplified. Like times 10. And the house literally shakes.

Circled in yellow is the house of the partiers. They set off fireworks, throwing them in front of and inside our house until 8 am.
(Notice the lack of trash in front of their house. Jerks.)
By the way, in case anyone is wondering, we aren't just guessing that it was these people. Bro. Dad couldn't sleep, and checked out his window various times and saw them partying, drinking, dancing, and throwing fireworks at us.

Man, I get mad all over again just thinking about this!!
I think that's enough of the annoying part of the morning.
On with Christmas morning! :)
I'm sure you all will agree, Christmas is way funner if there's a kid in the house.
Austin totally made it more enjoyable.
This Christmas made me realize how old I'm getting!! I remember when I was younger that Christmas morning was so exciting, and I couldn't wait to open presents!
This year I just wanted to sleep in.
Sometimes you're just not quite sure if you bought the right thing...
Until you see the expression on the person's face. Hahaha.

 Austin was the only human that morning that was willing to have his picture taken...
The rest of us are just too vain I guess. Hahaha.
Later on in the afternoon we went over to the grandparent's to eat and have fun all over again.
But this time with more people!
Grampa and I
I love my grampa so much!
Wow, look at this. For once, we got a picture of people eating! :))
The two cuties I sat across from- Eliana and Cheyenne.
Austin playing his new game and Beth trying to get a "snugz". :))
More presents were opened...
This look on Elder Wakefield's face is a mix of joy and frustration.
One of his favorite things... Almond Roca. Mmmm....
Hey it's not our fault he decided to start dieting right at Christmas time! Nobody told us a thing! :))  

 Our beautiful Gramma...

And then lo and behold, Elder Wakefield decided to give away one of our family heirlooms. :O
LOL. I was a bit torn about this...
Ever since I was 5, I've seen this painting hanging in my grandparents houses, and I never realized how attached I was to it! ....Until my grampa gave it away. Hahahaa. I know, I know, its just a thing.
But! I already thought of a solution: When I'm married and have my own house, I'm buying this painting from the couple that got this...
So sue me-- I'm a sentimental materialist... Shame on me. :))
Then, what did we do to finish off the celebration?
More fireworks of course!
So as you all can see, Christmas in Mexico is just like Christmas in the states! We eat lots of food, spend time with family and friends, open presents... Everything is the same, minus the explosives! :))
And that's it for today!
Hey, I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but Bethany has totally deserted the bloggosphere!! Ya'll need to tell her to get on here and do some posting... Otherwise I'm gonna have to change blog name to "Nicole in Mexico". Hahahaa. ;P



Jess said...

Oh dang. As SOON as you said painting I knew what you were talking about! I bet I spent many hours of my life looking at that fruit. Awwww. It IS sad that he gave it away!

Anonymous said...

I guess it depends who's doing the fireworks ...

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