Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Walk Down Avenida 5 de Mayo

Here's just a few pictures of our downtown here in Puebla during the holiday season...
I love my city!

The Cathedral in the center of town, all lit up.
It was packed with people that night!

Beth and I...
Bro. Dad really wanted to be in the pic :)))

Walking down 5 de Mayo, one of the busiest and bustling streets downtown

A blind street musician, begging for money.

More musicians! These guys look pretty interesting and funny sometimes.
They always match, with different outfits every day.
My favorite outfit of their's is the hot pink suit coats with sequins. Hahaa stylin'!
This day they were pretty normal looking, unfortunately.

Here we stopped for some empanadas! Empanadas are sweet bread with cream, fruit, or even meat inside sometimes-- and very flaky and messy!

Well, that's it folks! Just a quick walk down 5 de Mayo with us!

Bye! ;)


1 comment:

Cherie said...

You girls both look so cute!!

Love and miss you guys mucho. :)

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