Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sunday Church & How to Ruin Ice Cream

So what's up with the Wakefields? Everythings up!
We're so stinkin busy...
But not too busy to have church! :))
So here are just a few pics of Sunday church.

This is Bryan reciting in front of all the church the verses that he had learned in the past week of school. For the past week and also the upcoming weeks our boys will be memorizing most of, if not all of Romans chapter 8!
Little Fabian also said his verses, but no pics. They were the only 2 that learned all the verses given in that week of school... So, surprise! They received a Bible each as a reward.

Tio Mario, as always, preached an awesome message. He mainly spoke to the mothers and fathers about the importance of their work and involvement in their home, with their kids, praying with their kids, etc.

All the families came up and prayed together.

And at the end of the service, Bryan and Fabian got their picture taken with Pastor and their new Bibles!

Then we all headed upstairs for dinner!

Preacher and Evangelist ;P

Tio Mario was not quite what to think about our American sweet potatoes...
His verdict: "Ahh tastes just like camote!"
No, no, no, sweet potatoes do not taste like yams!!
All I gotta say is, if you don't like 'em don't eat 'em! :))
We hold sweet potatoes near and dear to our hearts beings that we can't get them down here!

Beth and I with the little bugger.

Oh and what comes after dinner? ...Dessert!
That I can't enjoy.
But then I think,
"Oh well there's icecream in the fridge, I'll just have that!!"

Then my dreams were so rudely and harshly dashed...
A certain member of the Wakefield family, who shall remain unnamed (to save her the embarrassment of forgetting the ailment of her child), bought a big tub of cookies n' cream ice cream..... What's wrong with cookies n' cream, right?? Oh just the cookie part of it...

So then I went to my room and cried bitterly. Not really. :)))
I just got over it because really, it's okay-- I understand.... I'm the only person in the household that can't eat gluten, and mix ups and forgetfulness happen... And when they happen, I just zip my lip 'cause I'm so self sacrificial.
Hahahahhaa :))))
Actually, sometimes I complain. Loudly.
I mean really, for the love of Nicole, buy some vanilla Blue Bell!!
But I'm totally over it. Until the next time someone forgets me.
.....Beware of the scorned Nicole......
But while I'm on this train of thought, no accidents or forgetfulness is allowed at my birthday, okay folks? No cake, check labels for "May contain wheat", and no ice cream with cookies in it!!! LOL. Let's just have an gluten free ice cream party!
Okay, I'm done!

Later guys!



Anonymous said...

Again, sorry Nicole:(

Nicole Wakefield said...

LOL Mom! Hahahaa :)) Love you!

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